Thursday, May 23, 2013


Dear First Grade Owls,
I can’t believe it is already Wednesday! By the time you read this it will be Thursday! I hope you were good owlets for our guest teacher. I’m sure she’ll have all kinds of wonderful things to say about you.
We are continuing to march through American history. We visited a sad time in the history books for our country. We visited a plantation that was used to grow cotton and tobacco. Someone made a lot of money growing these crops, but the people that worked hard were the slaves. Each day they were expected to work from sun up until sundown. Their homes had no windows. They shared their shacks with many others. They had dirt floors and many times they were locked in at night from the outside, so they couldn't run away. New Hope Plantation is a part of Williamsburg Historical site and one you wouldn't want to miss if you visit Williamsburg.

Remember how we've worked on comparing and contrasting? There is very little to compare to life on the plantation to life in town. People in town lived in fancy houses, had parties and had plenty of time for reading books and thinking great thoughts!

The most beautiful home that I saw was the governor’s mansion. It was beautiful. The  home was used as a home for the governor that the king of England appointed to make laws in New England. This house was used to entertain many important people who would visit the New World. Williamsburg was the place where important business was carried out in our countries early beginnings. 
The Governor's Manson
Find out how many governors this house was home to!

This fancy chair is actually a chamber pot. Do you know what a chamber pot was used for?!

Fancy parties were held at least twice a year in the ballroom. Music was play on instruments
such as this called a harpsichord. 

Fancy lights called chandeliers would be lit by candle for special occasions.

The prison  was not a nice place to live in at all. I sure wouldn't want to miss church too many times because this is where I would be  \placed!
This doesn't look to inviting to me!

Meals were delivered through this opening.

This is the chamber-pot in the jail cell.
Don't let the last picture scare you...I am coming home! I'm looking forward to seeing you and sharing more of my adventures with you when I get back. You can take a tour of Williamsburg by clicking HERE!    
I miss you!

I'll see you soon!
Mrs. Reck


  1. Looks like you're having lots of fun still, minus being locked up for a bit.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Your owlets are so lucky that you love them so much (and that they let you our of your "lock up" to get back to them). :)
    I've LOVED following your adventures this week!



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