Saturday, May 3, 2014

Currently May

Welcome, May! No one loves May more than those of us who have lived through five months of snow and cold. Warmer temperatures and sunnier skies who doesn't like that? I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy 4th Grade. Have you seen her packet for students on TPT? My students look forward to filling out and decorating their own Currently.

Can you tell that I am a total bird-brain?! Spring is the time of year that I have a hardest time going to school. I just want to go bird watching and catch the many migrating birds that fly through on their way north for the summer. 
I just got this gorgeous book about bird nests. 

The rhyme and rhythm of this book made it a delightful find for me and my students love learning the facts about different bird nests. I will never have enough bird books!

Surprise Tammy at Forever in First! You won a set of juggling chicks. I hope your students will enjoy tossing and catching these little guys as much as I enjoy making them. Tammy, I love your Saturday Sayings. They always give me great food for thought! Did you see the chicks? Click here to see them!

My real chicks are getting so big! They have been so much fun to watch grow.