Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patty's Day! I'm more excited than ever for St. Patrick's Day. I've always loved the shenanigans of our classroom leprechaun. I've never said no to a Shamrock Shake and who doesn't like rainbows and gold? BUT this year I have my very own lassie in Dublin, marching in the parade. I'm so excited to see her marching with her marching band streamed live into my classroom tomorrow morning. It's been amazing to share some sights from Ireland with my Owlets this week as she toured beautiful sights on the Emerald Isle. Here she is with her good friend at the  Cliffs of Moher the first day of their arrival.
This is the only cloudy day they've had! 
My classroom leprechaun, Seamus has been up to his usual tricks; knocking over supplies, hiding chairs, dumping the classroom library books in a pile on the floor and today he wrapped the room in yarn. My students will be so delighted to clean this mess up. They'll have to wrap the yarn around a pencil to get to a prize at the end of the string. I wonder whose string will be the longest and shortest. I wonder if we line all the strings together if they'll stretch down the entire length of the hall...Hmmm

We did try to catch that leprechaun. Each child designed their own trap at home and brought it into school. They were so proud of their projects and loved giving a presentation to show how it worked. We thought we'd caught a leprechaun until we looked closer and realized a leprechaun had tricked us...again!  Here are a couple of our traps. Aren't they fabulous?

See! Caught in our traps!!

If you need some great resources for St. Patrick's Day, I can't say enough about Sunny and Bright in First Grade's St. Patrick's Close Reading Passages. I paired my students up and had each pair take one of the 10 passages and work on that passage together. We are working hard on fluency, so we practiced our passages and then read them to the class. The photographs in this product are beautiful. I'll be able to use this for many years to come! Click HERE to take a look at it.
Wishing you the happiest of St. Patrick's Day!