Friday, July 24, 2015

Five for Friday : Worm Freebie


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share five random things about my week. It's what all the cool teachers do on Friday. You can find new blogs to follow or old friends to check on by going to Doodle Bugs and seeing all the amazing teachers that have linked up. Of course everyone is curious what teachers do all summer long, so the summer is the best time to check out what is happening. Just click on the graphic image and check out some other teachers too.

I have done several things this week that I said I would never do...
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The first thing that I was never going to do was buy an Erin Condren planner. Planning is not my favorite part of teaching. I am a type B teacher. I'm hoping THIS planner will make me better at planning. It's so pretty and user friendly. In the past I've used the student planners supplied to us. I'm thinking if I am diligent this will help me keep all my important information together. I think I can do it 'cause I've made my bed every single day this summer.

Want your own? Click HERE to check out these planners(and you don't have to be a teacher to find a planner to fit your life style!) 

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The other thing I was never going to do was download the Periscope app. I would have missed out on so much awesomeness. My children have started broadcasting, Hill Song Live has amazing broadcasts, and Brooke Brown from Teaching Outside the Box did an fantastic job presenting information about the Responsive Classroom. You don't have to show your face! You can just send hearts by clicking on the screen and respond by texting your questions or responses. Please leave me your name to follow on Periscope if you are already on. Maybe one day we'll both be brave enough to broadcast something!

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I had my first of four playdates for my future students this week. It is a fun informal way to get to know them in a group setting. I keep our time together short and sweet. We play a game, have a snack, read a book and complete a craft together. The time flies by and leaves me looking forward to spending my days with these great people. This week's theme was worms so we went on a worm hunt and we hit the jackpot!

Using chopsticks to find gummy worms hidden in the rice sensory bin is lots of fun.

Want a freebie? Click here for a little...and I do mean and worm printable. I hope this inspires your bookworms! If you have trouble getting it leave me your e-mail and I'll send it to you. I put 10 gummy worms in a sandwich size baggie, folded it in half and then stapled the worm label to the top of the bag.
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Something great is coming...

There is still time to get the book. It will blow your mind. It is a treasure trove of practical information that you will be able to use starting on Day one!

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The baby deer are back and helping to keep my weeds under control. They are just adorable. I've learned what I can and can't plant. The explosion in the deer population has led me to some beautiful new plants that deer are somewhat resistant to eat! I love seeing them in the yard and like to pretend they are my gardeners eating just the tops of my bushes to keep them well groomed!

Thanks for stopping by and making it to the end!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Truth Revealed! Five For Friday


I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for another Five for Friday. A chance to blog about five random things from my week. Thanks for hosting, Doodle Bugs. I'm sorry you couldn't make it to the party this week. Enjoy some much deserved time off!

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I had so much fun linking up late to try and stump you all with my two truths ans a lie. I have to say that I kind of sorta did two lies!! I didn't intend to, but it happened. If you haven't had a chance to guess you can go back and take a guess HERE!
So the lie(s)...I haven't blogged much lately because I've lacked motivation! It just seemed kind of nice to blame  it on my daughter. My daughter and now son in law planned and executed every detail of their wedding. I just showed up and smiled a LOT. The whole day was unbelievable. All of my sisters and my brother were able to come and so many friends too. The wedding was in my former stomping grounds...St. Louis home of the Cardinals. It is pretty cool that my daughter born and raised in Michigan ended up at WashU where her grandmother, for whom she was named, attended nursing school. My mom would have loved every minute of the celebrating right down to the bagpipe playing the processional and recessional in the church. Here is one more picture for you...Okay you twisted my arm hard enough here are two!! (See randomness number 3 for the real lie!!)

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Cutting the first piece of this awesome cake with Bilbo's sword. Yes. They are Lord of the Ring fans!

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So the whole thing about the Bocce Ball team...Never happened. I like playing Bocce, but I don't even know if there are teams. I went to Germany two summers ago, but didn't ever play a game of Bocce there. I hope my IG friends saw my post about my Bocce Ball tournament being cancelled today. I was just trying to throw you off!

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It is time for a true confession. Sometimes I read books to my class for the sheer joy of reading. I don't think aloud and I don't make them respond in a writing assignment or project. We just pick up a book and read it. We laugh and sometimes, if they ask, I read it again. Sometimes on Friday afternoons I let them play too. I don't have any hidden agendas in their freetime. They get to play with anything they want.They make zoos out of cardboard, They set up the train set to go all the way around the zoo. They plan, execute and work in collaboration with each other. They play school on the chalkboard. They set up a bakery with playdough. They are allowed to be kids having fun with each other!

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Do you know Arnie the Doughnut? I love that guy! For National Doughnut Day we celebrated the only way I know how. We ate doughnuts. We gave our doughnuts, hands and feet so they could escape if they didn't want to be eaten. We gave him/her eyes and then asked them, "Do you want to be eaten?" If they don't answer it is safe to eat them. So far, I've never had a doughnut tell me he didn't want to be eaten! Laurie Keller herself taught my children and I the proper way to eat doughnuts years ago at a library event she spoke at! All of her books are delightful, but Arnie is my favorite! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tell All Tuesday: Two Truths and a Lie!

First of all I want you to know that I'm not ALWAYS behind! I quite often arrive at the right place on the right day. Occasionally  I do end up somewhere a day early or late. I really hadn't planned on linking up with Teach. Talk. Inspire and My Day in K for Tell All Tuesday. I was just going to read every post that linked up! I couldn't just sit back and enjoy. I had to join the fun too. I get to tell two truths and one lie about myself to get to know some other bloggers. Ready to play along? Make sure you comment to tell me which one you think is the lie. One of you who is right will win a gift card to Starbucks! Ready?

I haven't been blogging very much lately because I've been so busy getting ready for my  daughter's wedding. She got married over Memorial Day weekend to the love of her life. I never thought she'd meet anyone so well suited for her! They and I are a perfect fit! The photographer took many gorgeous pictures, but this one with both daughters is one of my favorites!

NUMBER 2:  I played Bocce Ball on a travelling team in high school. I met some amazing people and got to travel all over the world. My favorite spot was Germany. I was able to take my family back to visit some of the friends that I made their during one our training camps there. We were able to visit some famous castles as well as play a few games of Bocce with old and new friends. A lot more people play Bocce in Europe than in the U.S. I think my love for travel stems from my old Bocce Ball days!

NUMBER 3:  I love to go to our local waste water facility. It is a wonderful place to go to look for birds. I do love birds. I have traveled all over the U.S. to see as many birds as possible. I've probably seen more birds at the waste water facility than anywhere else! It doesn't smell very good, but the birds there are spectacular. I have seen Golden Eagles, Snowy Owls, Ruff Legged Hawks, and so many more amazing birds in this one location.

Now it's your turn to guess. Which will it be? Comment below to join the fun and come back Friday to find out which of the above doesn't quite ring true!!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Five For Friday

I'm linking up with the amazing Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday. I get the opportunity to share five random things about my week.

The end is near! I always have such mixed feelings about these final weeks/days of the school year. I feel rejuvenated by spring in the air. I also itch to be outside watching and waiting for migrants of the bird kind to pass through on their way to their nesting sites here or further north. Luckily I manage to find ways to integrate the outdoor learning with reading and math. I teach at a school that has a delightful wooded lot attached. We've used this woods to learn about insects, birds, fairy house building, environment and oh so much more. My BBF posted a picture of Birdology on her Instagram and I'm pretty sure she knew before I did that I'd have to have it. What a treasure trove of great information about birds, color photographs and activities, 30 to be exact!
We learn about nests and what materials are best for putting out for birds to use in nest building.

I've been watching birds since I was 6 months old. Crazy? My mom tells me that I used to take out all the toys in my toy box, climb in and look through a birding guide. My sister and I were out birding last weekend and had the pleasure of seeing an American Woodcock taking a stroll with her three young. I was shaking so hard from pure excitement that I couldn't get a great picture.
Aren't you glad you don't have to carry a beak like that around?!
Check out this sweet video of young eating. They have this cute little wiggle when they walk.They are just darling.

I think my little American Woodcock story counts as number 2.

I run two book fairs a year. I just finished up number two today. This  was our BOGO fair where everything was buy one get one free. I'm stocked up on books for the rest of the year and next year too! Favorite book of the fair...

This story is told by the tree and starts at its roots and grows up to the leaves introducing the reader to the delightful creatures that find shelter in its branches. Jennifer Ward hasn't written a book I don't like! I'm going to read this to my class next week outside under an oak tree! Not only do Jennifer and I have the same first name we also both have four sisters. What are the chances of that?!

Divider-4_thumb3_thumb2_thumb2_thumbI was starting to talk about the book fair when I got distracted by Jennifer Ward. Sorry about that! In December a former student of mine was hospitalized. She is still in the hospital. She's had one health crisis after another and is only 13 years old. She used to love the book fair visiting every day to pick out books and erasers! This year the book fair is going to visit her. We were able to raise enough money to send her more than a couple of books to read and to gift to other children in the hospital as she meets them. If you are a prayer warrior, please pray for my friend Sable to be returned to health. If you would like to help Sable you can read her story here and give her a helping hand. These books and assorted fun items will arrive at Sable's bedside soon!


Oh, no! I'm back on birds again. Our chicks will be three weeks old on Monday. They love to sit on the edge of their box and roost. My Owlets know they are making too much noise if they wake up and start hopping around. We started with eleven chicks. Seven have already found a forever home and these four are left...

I had so many more random thoughts to share. I guess I'll have to wait until next week . . . or tomorrow!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

First StitchFix and a Winner!

I had to try it for myself. I saw so many other's cute and not so cute Fixes. I forced myself to look at every #stitchfixfail to convince myself I did not want to get sucked in. It did not work and this is what I got...I'll let you guess which ones I kept and which ones I sent back at the end!!

Most people post a nice neat shot of their box right after opening. I didn't have a camera when I opened this up. I tore right into it! I don't get new clothes often, so I was really excited!!

This sweater has 3/4 length sleeves. The shoulders are relaxed and the teal stripe has a little bit of sparkle. It covers up my booty...I like that!

I love the little keyhole on the back of the sweater. 

This tunic is so me. It might be too much white to wear to school, though. Hmmm. What do you think? Kitty seems to like it!

 This black and white maxi-skirt was just the right length for me in a high heel and I can easily roll the waistband down to shorten it when I need to put on something comfy at the end of the day. But will these stripes make me look to wide?
These black trousers fit like a dream. A little pricey for my taste, though! They looked great with a heel, but I could see myself wearing them with a variety of other shoe choices! They were the perfect length for my short self. What a dilemma! 

This long tunic blouse was pretty busy. I liked the details on the sleeves. You can roll up the long sleeves and button them with a cute tab that stays hidden until it is needed. The colors on this shirt are some of my favorites. They do go perfectly with the black trousers. 

So that's it. I tried everything on just like I was directed to do. Everything fit perfectly. I had shoes, scarves and jewelry to go with each item. This is what I decided...
The striped sweater...Kept it!
The bohemian tunic in orange and black...It has triangles so I had to keep it!!
The striped skirt matches my cat...It's a keeper!
The trousers...I'd buy another couple pair in different colors if I could. They are my favorite.
The long blouse? Yep! I kept that too. I kept it all and justified the expensive pants with having 25% off if you keep it all. 
I signed up to get my Fix quarterly. I'm thinking I may have to change that to monthly. I had so much fun being able to try everything on at home in natural light at 11:00 at night. The true test will be how well they wash up. If you are on the fence on whether to try it  or not...I say to take the leap and let me know what you think! 

I ran a giveaway a couple weeks ago. I used a random number generator and got 3! So, Betsy is the winner! I love comments!!