Friday, April 10, 2015

Five for Friday: Freebie and GiveAway!

Honestly it has been so long since I've visited with you that I couldn't remember my password to get into this place. I'm so happy you stopped by, I promise a little treat if you can stick through to the very bottom! With out any more babbling I'll get on to...
I love you Doodle Bugs! You have so many awesome things to share and my favorite Linky ever. Keep up the good work. I've met so many wonderful teacher friends through you and have been able to find and implement great ideas to help kids learn because of you.
I'm on spring break this week. Why does this week zip by so quickly? One more day to hang out with my gorgeous 16 year old. In Michigan kids have to drive 50 hours with their parents before they are able to take their driving test. This is a true test of a parent/child relationship. If you come home talking it is a bonus. We've tried to drive like crazy this week and neither of us is crazy. She has surprised me with her awesome driving skills and she looks good too! Cheers to you my lovely lovable Ella!
Look at the air rushing by. This girl has a lead foot.

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Are you touchy? Math was always a struggle for me as a kid. Where was the Common Core when I needed it?!  I spent hours with my dad at the dining room table crying in high school cause I just didn't get it. If only I had known about Touchmath then. It is a great multi-sensory approach to math. I have a child that wants me to dot all of her numbers for her every day. She'll be so happy to have this little cheat sheet at her desk on Monday. You can have it too and you can get free training, materials and information about Touchmath HERE!
These Boots are Made for Touching
Click on the picture for your own set!
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Do you Instagram? I find it to be like micro-blogging. I've made some great new contacts and friends. You can win a $150.00 gift card by coming over and following a loop of teachers. Make sure you read the directions...It involves answering a different question at each stop. You have a couple of days to enter, but don't wait too long!

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I was so excited to finally have a tournament of books this year. I used ideas that I found HERE. I ran into our school library one day and just grabbed random books until I had 16. I spread them out on the floor and they magically found another book to go head on head with. My large wall bracket got a little beat up, but it lasted the whole month of March! 

I had no clue what I was getting into when I started. I didn't know how to "score" the entries in the brackets. I could find plenty of people to help me and the winner was determined by how many of the books they chose won. For the first round students were awarded 1 point for each of the books they chose that won. Round 2 was worth 2 points. Round 3 was five points and the few that predicted Green Eggs and Ham won 10 points! 
Here is the winners bracket...
I have made this available on TPT. You may feel free to edit it and add your own clipart and changes to adapt it to your own situation. Whatever it takes to get kids reading we are willing to do! Click HERE to download your own copy.

Divider 5 And now for the special treat..I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with you. I just finished making these coffee cup cozies... 

I'll give you one next time I see you! Until then, leave a comment below win a giftcard from Starbucks! Be sure to leave an e-mail so I know where to send it!