Friday, May 31, 2013

Four For Friday

I know I'm supposed to come up with five, but I only got to see my Owlets four times this week! I've tried to come up with one special event each day to count down the final days of school. A crazy thing happened on the way to Friday. . . Each days activity started with a P!
1. Popcorn and a movie...We watched Shaun the Sheep on Tuesday. We love Shaun and his silly antics. Thursdays we often eat lunch together and watch an episode together, but for a special treat we watched in the morning with popcorn. I always turn on the captions to squeeze a little reading practice in. You can watch him too right here...

2. Pancakes for Breakfast...The Owlets helped follow directions to measure, crack, stir, but left the cooking to me! I love my electric fry-pan! I can't make pancakes without chocolate chips. There wasn't a pancake left and the plates were licked clean!

3. Parachutes for Play...I taught the class how to play Lifeguard. Do you know this game? One student is the shark and stays under the parachute. One student is the lifeguard and stays standing. The rest of the students sit with their legs under the parachute. The shark tries to pull them under and the swimmer has to yell for help. The lifeguard runs to pull them back out. If the shark pulls them all the way under they become sharks. If the lifeguard pulls them all the way out they are lifeguards, too.  I have a very physical group this year, so they LOVED it!

4. Pond Study...I saved the best for last! We had an awesome experience at a local nature preserve. We had the best guides a teacher could ask for. They made sure each child got to pull out muck from the pond and we were scientists doing important investigations as we used forceps to pull out different organisms for closer study. I found an amazing resource on TPT for our study. I was hoping to make my own resources, but I'm running low on time right now! Check it out HERE!  After reading a book on ponds we talked about which they would rather be a frog or toad. All but one student wanted to be a frog. "Being a toad means predators won't eat you because you are poisonous," he said! Kids crack me up!
Yes...We can finally wear shorts in Michigan!!

There are some pretty incredible creatures that live in the much at
the bottom of a pond!

Looking for frogs was one time these kids were VERY quiet!

5.... Doesn't start with the letter P...THREE MORE DAYS!!
I had to follow the rules and add number 5!!
What are your Five for Friday?


  1. Hi Jenny! What fun your firsties are having!! I love the parachute game- great for exercise and team building. If you get a chance, come visit me; I'm having a giveaway!


  2. Enjoyed reading about our week! Your pond studies look wonderful! I just found your blog through Five for Friday and am a new follower. Thanks for sharing!

    All the best--
    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers


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