Friday, July 22, 2016

Five For Friyay!

It's a hot one for Michigan. It's a perfect morning to stay inside and share 5 random things from my week with you! Thank you Doodle Bugs Teaching for hosting such a great Linky Party! Get ready for some random ramblings. Grab a cup of coffee and take five minutes peace!

I LOVE THIS BOOK! I just ordered a copy for a friend who, like me, has three children. She's a teacher who, like me, loves to have five minutes peace from time to time. Unlike me, she still has one in diapers, so her five minutes peace is much more valuable than mine! I miss the days of craving five minutes to myself. These days having five minutes with my children is a pleasure! If you have little ones at home or you used to, you must check out this book. You will love the story more than your littles, but they will laugh right along with you as Mrs. Large tries to find a place for just five minutes to herself.

Learning A-Z

Have you used any resources from Learning As a Learning A-Z Referral Program member, I'm able to offer you a $5 discount to every Learning A-Z website! Please use my promo code NB1289 to take advantage of this discount offer. These products have helped me tremendously and I know they can do the same for you. As a referral member I have won subscriptions to Science A-Z and Raz-Kids. These resources have allowed me to differentiate quickly and easily. I supplement my daily instruction with easy to use materials that I can easily project or print out.  Monthly drawings give a lucky referral member a tablet of their choice. GUESS WHAT? I won!! I am still pinching myself. My Apple iPad Air 2 should arrive before school does. This is a huge blessing for me. At my school we share five iPads, giving each class one day to use them. Having one that stays in my room will be AWeSOme! 

I didn't make it to Orlando for the TPT meet-up and I didn't get to go to Vegas for the teachers conferences. But guess what? I'm going to East Lansing! I can't wait to meet and be inspired by my Michigan blogger friends!

I will be able to go to the meet-up in style because I just got my StichFix number 8! I love pulling out my Fix Sandwich!

I kept three things from this Fix. Chessie helped me decide which ones were keepers!

Ready to try your own fix? Click HERE and I'll get a bonus too!

This has been one of the most relaxing summers I have ever had. My kids and hubs go to work every day leaving me lots of time on my hands. There have been projects on my mind for a while that I have wanted or needed to take care of. But guess what? I didn't do any of them! Instead I've gone out almost every day to pursue my passion...birds! I'm what you call a Lister. I list all the birds I see and I'm up to 182 lifetime birds. Not too shabby for rarely leaving my state of Michigan! People often ask me what my favorite bird is, or assume it's an owl! They are all my favorites. Check some of my finds out...
Willow Flycatcher

American Woodcock strutting his stuff!
Want more? Follow me on Instagram. I've been trying to post a bird picture everyday! That's it from me this week. Next week I'm heading back to school to start getting things set-up. Just a couple of hours here and there, so I'll still have plenty of time for the birds!