Friday, May 24, 2013

Mount Vernon!

Visitors coming up from the river are greeted with this view of the house.
 Dear First Graders,
This is the final resting place for George Washington.
There is a place reserved for him at the U.S. Capitol, but it will
never be used because he and his family wanted his body to remain
at his beloved Mount Vernon.
I have seen where George Washington  slept! He loved his home at Mount Vernon and I can see why.  I wish I could show you more of it with pictures, but they wouldn't let us take pictures inside at all. I can tell you it is beautiful. It sits high atop a hill overlooking the Potomac River. It is surrounded by gardens, trees and flowers. I wish I could bring you all. Here is a peek at what you could see if you came.

Two things are missing from Washington's home. There are no bathrooms and the kitchen is not attached to the house. There are two Necessaries outside! 
Here is one of the "Necessaries"! 

This ram was trying to find some shade on this hot sunny day. 

The Washington's had a unique circular 16 sided barn. To learn more about it
click on the picture.

I wish I had time to tell you more, but the bus driver is honking the horn! We are busy from morning until night. I'm only showing you a small part of what our busy days hold. Tomorrow, or later today, I'll show you the world's largest library!  It is gorgeous. I could have spent a whole day there.

I'll see you in a couple of days. I can't wait to give hugs handshakes and high-fives!
Love, Mrs. Reck
P.S. Click HERE to go play some fun games and learn more about George Washington!

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