Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giving up Snow Days for Lent!

One big day down and one more to go this week.  Leap Day was a huge success and as you know I was really tempted to pray for a Snow Day...Shame on me!  I laid awake last night in bed listening to the wind blowing, thunder booming and rain pouring.  I kept waiting for the sound of ice pelting against the windows, but it was not to be.  Really I'm fine with it.  I can handle a winter with no snow days every twenty years or so.  If it means going to school and hearing, "This is the best day ever!" or, "Your the best teacher in the whole world!" I can live with it! If you were born today, you won't have a birthday for four years; I can live with no Snow Days...There I think I've convinced myself.

I'm giving up Snow Days for Lent.

I'm showing off some pictures of what made our day a very hoppy one.  I think everyone of my firsties fell asleep as soon as their head hit the pillow! They were leaping all over the place.

My students enjoyed reading this mini-book I made for them.  I put it on Teachers Pay Teachers and had over 750 people download it.  It was my first experience using that service...I was amazed at how many people looked at and used my little book!
Leaping into first grade!

These girls are collecting data about their frogs.  I caught a boy  trading his pink frogs for blue ones!  He would have had a pretty boring pie graph if he'd have gotten away with it!  Now his sister can thank me for the pink frogs I said he could give to her.

Translation:  Green has the same amount as pink.  Blue has the same amount as purple.  I have the least of blue and purple.  

They did such a great job analyzing the data!  You can get this  on one of my earlier  on my blog post titled "President's Day and Getting Ready to Leap"  

Frog Races!  We predicted how long it would take to go from one leap line to the next!  The record you ask...4 was the least and 17 was the greatest!

Happy Leap Day everyone, and may they all be "hoppy"

Up next:  A Suessical birthday bash!  It looks like the preschoolers at my school are getting ready to party on Friday!
We have an awesome early childhood program.  They do so many great things with the kids.


  1. oh cool! Our thing ones and thing twos are in your blog. :) The first graders look as though they were having a good time today too!

    1. I love your "things", Lisa! You and your girls are the best!


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