Thursday, February 23, 2012

Presidents and Getting Ready to Leap!

This student does give good speeches!  
It's been a very presidential week.  Having Monday off was a great way to start because I was able to use the time to do some "spring" cleaning in my classroom.  Of course now there are a thousand and one things I can't find because I found new better places to keep things.  I do know where my dark chocolate M&Ms are stashed so I'm able to "keep calm and carry on"!

My desk has been a constant source of embarrassment.  It doesn't matter that many years ago a parent told me she was happy it was always messy because that meant I was working with the kids and not sitting at my desk. I am trying really hard to have it both ways.  I am pretty sure that the desk fairy will show up tomorrow with treats for each child with a clean desk and a cup of coffee for me!  I love my desk fairy.  She provides great motivation for me.

I could even open the drawers...It's that clean!

We've had a lot of fun with Lincoln and Washington this week.  We've learned a lot about them and decided which of their hats we would rather wear.  I had to find a way to use my mustached photos in the hall...I think most of my kids look pretty terrific in their hats.  I would vote for any one of them.  I do think that a couple of them look more like pirates than presidents...I should have found some powdered wigs!

Wouldn't you vote for them?

I'm working on some fun things for Leap Day next week.  Are you ready for a hopping good time?
Here's my first attempt at sharing a file.  I have some more fun stuff to share, but I'm trying one thing at a time and it's time to get some laundry done!!

Thanks for hopping by!!

frog graphing
Leap Day mini-book

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