Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bag Party


Show me your bag Linky Party!
Feel free to use one {or all} of the following:

Old bag...New job!
  • Show us your teacher "bag."
  • What do you love about it?
  • What do you wish was different?
  • Dare to show us what's inside?

I loved my bag because it's huge.  I hated my bag because it's huge!  I've carried my bag back and forth every day this year.  Most days I use very few of the things that I keep in there.  It was a lot of fun to clean out . . . Mostly because I discovered dark chocolate M&Ms.  If there's any left it will go back in my bag and kept a secret between you, me and the bag.  

Best Discovery Award!

I remember the first movie I went to.  It was the Jungle Book and I went with a new friend I had met after moving from Missouri to Michigan in the first grade.  It was my first experience away from my family for a sleepover.  I was terrified, but wasn't going to tell anyone!  I clutched the bag of M&Ms so tightly that they did melt in my hands.  I think I made it through the whole night, but the bag of M&Ms didn't!  Sorry this is supposed to be about my bag...

For Christmas I got a new bag that came STUFFED full of great stuff for my classroom. Kleenex, erasers, band-aides, water bottles and more were overflowing from every compartment.  It was a lot of fun to open.  That it matched my purse and computer bag was a bonus!  Today I unpacked my huge bag and repacked it with my new more compact one.  "Things" will be easier to find including my M&Ms....Shhhhh!

Now I look professional!

My old bag?  It's got a new job.  It is now my going to the library on Saturday afternoons bag.  It is very happy to take over this job.  It knows what treasures books are!


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    1. Thank you! Isn't it funny what we remember/don't remember?! I'm always losing my keys, but can remember the oddest things from my childhood!

  2. Wow, a bag packed with a bunch of classroom supplies... sounds like a great gift!! And I really hope you enjoy reading the Book Whisperer and The Cafe Book! They are amazing!!! Also, I was wondering how you made it so that you could reply to individual comments... I just can't seem to figure it out on my blog! Thanks!

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    1. Molly, I have a link titled "Reply"! I wish is was more complicated than that so I could impress you with something new!! Thanks for being my LUCKY number 13 follower....If I had something to give away I'd give it to you! I'm sending a laugh your way and listening to "I Love to Laugh" in your honor...Can you hear me?


  3. Ooo, your laptop bag matches your 31 bag. Nice.

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