Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is in the Air!

Happy Valentimes Day!  If you teach first graders, you heard "valentimes" more than one time today.  Even after I broke it into syllables and spelled it out for them they still insisted we were having valen-times!  I just love hearing, "This is the best valentimes ever!"  I felt really good about it until I realized they can probably only remember one other valentimes in their life....Kindergarten!

I love an appreciative audience.  My students were so excited to get their homemade valenTINES.  I am always looking for an excuse to play with my Cricut late into the night and my favorite cartridge...You guessed it...Give a Hoot!

Compound Word Surgery!

Cardiologist performing delicate surgery!

Suture in place

Friendship...back together, again!

Anchor-charting helps us remember what we're learning.

After attending medical school, we performed open heart surgery on several broken hearts.  This surgery was a bit easier for my class to perform than the bone surgery we did a couple of weeks ago.  Dr. Love told us all about broken-hearts...Words that want to be close to another word and form a compound.  We found some hearts that didn't get matched up properly and with scissors and band-aides....Voila.....No more broken hearts!  I love this activity and so do the kids.  Fast finishers got to write sentences with as many compound words as they could.  It's
Dr. Love's School for Broken-Hearts!
amazing how excited kids get when you phrase ordinary tasks with the words, "You get to...."!
I would trust any one of my students with my heart.


  1. The surgical masks are a nice touch. Made me laugh out loud!

  2. Thanks, Hoolia! I love your comments!!

  3. This is cute! I also love hearts!

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