Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday Therapy

I know it is Friday. A month ago I may not have been able to tell you what day of the week it was. School starts Monday and, even though I'm ready for it, I do have the jitters! Even after MANY first days I still get them. What I need is therapy...Thursday therapy! That's why I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' again today. So grab a couch, lay down and get yourself some therapy!

My first choice in therapeutic activities is to get outside and look for birds. I know I've talked about birds before, but just to make it clear to you, I'm birdbrained. Since the tender age of 6 months, I've been told, that my favorite book was an old bird field guide of my mom's. Today my collection of birding guides and books is pretty sweet! I have a collection of binoculars that I use to take friends and strangers out birding with me. I've pushed my bird agenda on every student I've ever had contact with and they know they can get me off task by asking a question about birds! I try to get to Canada in the spring for migration sensation and a little therapeutic time with my sisters.
Evidence of a Pileated Woodpecker! Notice the large rectangular holes!

One of my favorite woodpeckers...The red headed. He is becoming quite rare dut to loss of habitat. 

There are very few pictures of me without binoculars in my hands! Here I am in the wilds of Arkansas tracking down an owl! We saw him briefly. I was supposed to be back resting in the hotel after spending some time in the emergency room...long story....but I was not going to let a little illness keep me away from what I came to see...

I came to see this gorgeous bird. I was rewarded many times and it didn't even have to work hard to see him!

Isn't she cute? She and her friends fight over sitting rights all day long. I wish they could just get along and share the feeder!
Thanks for the session! I owe you big time for hanging in to the very end of this post! I'll be back tomorrow for Freebie Friday. Yes, I know tomorrow is Saturday. Oh no! I've got the jitters again. I'm heading outside with my binoculars and camera!!
A Catbird...LOVE!

I have to include an owl picture!


  1. What is it about the first day of school that give us all the jitters. The teachers, the students, and the parents. I do not think I relax as a parent until the end of September!

    Your first day will be great! We have been praying for you and everyone at WSLS!

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  2. Have a fabulous first day! I love your birding! The other day I was driving home from my parents and an owl flew across the street. It was pretty spectacular. And an obnoxious Blue Jay lives in my backyard...he isn't a very friendly bossy!:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. Did Amelia tell you the hawk we saw in the back yard? He swooped down with all his might, spotted his prey- an innocent chipmunk- grabbed it, wrestled it to the bushes and took off into the sky!!! We were so amazed, like wild kingdom right in our own backyard!lol- and then of course Amelia says "Did you get a picture for Mrs Reck?????"


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