Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Pledge to My Students!

I'm feeling a little bit reflective tonight. Tomorrow is the big day. It is the day I've been waiting for since June! It is the first day of school for a brand new batch of first graders. I feel awed by the responsibility of teaching these precious children. My first teaching job was first grade and the principal let me know that she never hired first year teachers for the position of first grade because it was such a vital year. She hired me anyway! That year was special in so many ways and it was definitely a year of firsts for me.

I'm thinking further back than my first teaching job, though. I'm trying to remember my first grade experience. I think it was so awful that I've blocked a lot of it out. My family moved from Missouri to Michigan half way through September. My teacher at my new school was only there a few short weeks before she took the rest of the year off on a maternity leave. My substitute was unmemorable, but recess was a time for bullies to pick on "the new girl."  I wasn't crazy about my new school and things didn't get better.

In second grade the teacher let me know I was too dumb to teach cursive writing to. In third grade I was ridiculed because I didn't know how to write in cursive. I don't know if I told my parents, because I didn't want them to think I was dumb. Early on, I labeled myself as "dumb". When I finally arrived in high school I had a teacher say, "You aren't like the others." She was referring to my older brother and sisters who excelled in all things academic. I learned to excel in all things social. To this day I love a party.

Why did I become a teacher? I NEVER want a child to go through what I went through in school. I want every child in my care to know how special, creative, talented and precious they are. God has used my past to shape my future. I love what I do. It isn't about the three months of vacation. It is about loving the children as Jesus did.  So, I'm ready to say, ""Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14.

Will you take this pledge with me? Will you promise only good for the children in your care?
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  1. so sweet! Thanks for sharing. Have fun!

  2. I am SO glad you became a teacher; there should be more teachers like you, too. I had the opposite problem - from day 1 of 1st grade, all the way through high school, I was asked "Are you going to be a math teacher like your mom?" - all of the other kids then knew Mom was a teacher, and the expectation bar was set exceptionally high. It also pretty much cemented my disdain for math; I can do it, but I don't like it and I don't go near it unless I have to.

  3. Happy First Day! This week is our "teacher week" no kids yet. I had the best 2nd grade teacher until November. Then my grandma died and we moved to her house (the one my mom grew up in) and to a new school. My new teacher was awful! I cried a lot. As a 2nd grader I knew I wanted to grow up and be just like my best 2nd grade teacher! So glad you are encouraging little ones....and you get to do it both, spiritually and academically.

    Have fun tomorrow! I am wishing you and your Owlets a great day!
    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. I am sure you will make such a positive impact on your class! I love the verse you used from Matthew!

    Have a wonderful year:)
    The Resourceful Apple

  5. Jenny, I often wonder how many teachers were inspired by the same things as you. I know it occurred to me occasionally. "I want to show you how *not* to be such a bad teacher!" Even though I had much, much better luck with teachers than you did, there were certainly some clunkers here and there. Once you get to high school, it's easier to deal with, though. Those elementary years are soooo important!

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  7. Thank you so much Jenny for the wonderful reminders of why we teach kids. Your words were beautiful and touched my heart. I hope you have a wonderful first week of school!!!


  8. That pledge is super cute! Good luck tomorrow! Im your newest follower!
    Flying Into First Grade

  9. Love your post. I bet your an awesome teacher!

    Grade ONEderful
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