Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Linky Party

Back to School Jitters Linky Party

This linky party really caught my eye. I LOVE Lego guys! I get those little mystery packs and get them when ever I see them on sale. I have a nice little collection and use them for different things during the year. You'll have to wait and see.  You can come back every day until I finally post some of my Lego guy activities!

Do you have any back to school jitters? I know that once the calendar said August, time started flying. I have just gotten used to getting up a couple of hours before my kids, having a cup of coffee, surfing through blogs and now vacation is basically over. I do have the jitters. I always do. What if I forget how to teach? What if I can't find my way to school? What if I can't remember what the first day of school is? YIKES!!

What I need is a party. I'm going to the party Ms. Jessica is hosting. She has really good snacks and rules. Hop on over and check out this party. It's a BYOB! Grab your beverage and link up!

One more day to enter my give away! Few have entered many will win!!


  1. I am the worst at just setting things down.. I have another goal for the year!!

  2. I'm terrible about setting things down...my students are always my helpers to find things! LOL I'm a new follower!

    Craft of Teaching

  3. I bribe my kiddos to help me find things I have left somewhere.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  4. I love this linky too--although I haven't done it yet--but it did get my mind spinning about using lego minifigures with literature--you will just have to keep reading my blog to see what I come up with! I don't even know how to spell embarrassed.

  5. Ms. Jessica's linky has been fun! It brought me to your blog as a new follower! Did you get one of those super cool pencil sharpeners that everybody is talking about? I tried to get one and they are all sold out right now. Big bummer! I had to settle for one that I bought from Staples. Sure hopes it works! I have a new blog and would love for you to stop by and become a follower! Have a great school year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  6. Oooh, your last one's good. I need to remember that too:)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  7. i LOVE your advice! I read an article one that said "it'll take you five seconds to put it away now, but five minutes later" (because at that point you'll have a whole pile to put away!) I need to be sure to do that as well!

    Thanks for linking up!

    A Turn to Learn

  8. Thanks for the peptalk on staying organized! Have a great school year! I'm new to teacher blogging, stop by and say hi! :) http://bloomingin1st.blogspot.com


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