Thursday, August 16, 2012

SSShhhhh! I have a secret and a FREEBIE!

Can you keep a secret? If you can then read on...I have a couple to tell you. If you can't keep a secret please stop now and visit my friend Kimberly over at First in Maine. You'll be refreshed by her blueberries and get some great ideas for what you may want to read next.

Now that I know I have your attention and you have pinky sworn not to tell a soul what I am about to tell you, I'm ready to reveal a secret.

The information that you've seen, heard, and read about "that" pencil sharpener is absolutely true. It is really that amazing. I'm not sure I want word to get out because I'm planning on ordering some as Christmas gifts and I don't want to have to wait too long. If everyone knows what I know, about this pencil sharpener, several things will happen. The price will go up because it is worth far more than it is currently priced at. They will sell out and mine will be the ones that are on back order.

I had to hide the sharpener from them and
have them cut laminated stuff instead!
I have to tell you that it is NOT the quietest classroom sharpener. When ever anyone sharpens a pencil all I hear is, "WOW!" or "Oh my gosh! Look how sharp this pencil is!" or "My turn!" There is nothing to be quiet about when it comes to this pencil sharpener. Everyone is begging to use it and I can't hear the sharpener over the excitement of the faculty as they crowd into my room to wait their turn to use MY sharpener. I should have kept this a secret. As I'm trying to get my room ready for school teacher after teacher shows up to borrow my sharpener. Now I'm begging you... don't tell a soul.

My daughter and her BFF came to school to help me. They almost ended their friendship fighting over who would get to sharpen pencils. I had to come up with some other creative things for them to do to preserve their friendship.

Please don't tell anyone about "that" pencil sharpener.

Ready for secret number two? I made labels for my shared supplies to help my owlets know where they belong. To help us tell which items are community items, I've put some matching mustache duct tape on each item.

Now, because you are a dear friend and a follower, I'm sharing these labels with you. If you want to go to TPT you can buy them, but why not just click here or on the picture below and get them free?

You can go ahead and pin if you'd like, but please don't tell anyone my secrets. Remember we pinky swore!!

Go here to see "that" sharpener! Shhhh!
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  1. So yours came in?! Isn't it AWESOME?? Its even true that those super sharp points don't break easily. They last and last. I've been in school 1 week now and have only used it to sharpen about 30 pencils (2 per kid) because they last so long!! Your duct tape idea is awesome. I live it! Hope your year is off to a great start!

  2. uh oh! I have been reading about "that" pencil sharpener all summer...going back and forth about it... and I think you may have just convinced me that I need to buy one! Or maybe ask for one as a birthday present, hmmmm :)

    Good to hear though! Sharpening pencils is my least favorite teacher job, maybe this will make it a not-so-bad job!

    Wishful Teaching

  3. Holy MOLY I'm rolling over with jealousy! I want that sharpener in the WORST way. And hey, I love the 'staches! That's my them for my class this year. Actually, 'staches and owls...isn't that kind of freaky? You should come on over to my TPT store and check out the 'stachy and owly things. (shhhhh....I might give you a freebie if you come back and tell me you like something! Us 'stachios have to stick together).

    Now I need to work harder on saving my $$ for that sharpener!

    Peacocks & Penguins

  4. I knew I spied some Duck Tape duct tape! If only all of the designs came in 8x10 sheet form . . . some do, so keep a look out at places like Staples or Michaels or WalMart (one of our local WalMarts carries a very limited selection of the sheets). As for the office supply that is causing you such grief, I will make sure I do NOT tell anyone about it, unless it goes on my Christmas list, and then I might have a problem . . .

  5. So cute! First in Maine (soon to be a new name) is one of my favorites also! Love her book suggestions. Your mustache pencils are adorable.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  6. Hi Jenny! I found you through Heather's blog. I'm so happy I hopped over to visit and snag my mustache/owl freebie. Um...awesome! I love the idea of using the duct tape to identify you stuff too. They can't peel that off! Most of the time if I really want it back, I make them trade me a shoe. They get their shoe when I get my supplies back. Hehe! :) I'm your newest follower.

    The Teaching Thief

  7. That pencil sharpener is haunting me! I can't find it in Canada :(( and they won't deliver. If anyone knows how I can get one ... please let me know.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  8. I'm back and I just want you to know that I love you too. :-)
    ✰ Kimberley ✰
    First in Maine

  9. I have a brand-spankin' new one waiting for me to review it...beautiful blue. I'd better get on that so I can share in the love! Don't you think you need to put a mustache on yours to go with everything? :)
    Teaching Fabulous Firsties!


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