Friday, August 10, 2012

Good-Bye Summer 2012 Linking Party

There is a change in the air...Can you feel it? It's getting darker earlier and the calendar says that fall is just around the corner! I'm thinking about all the things I wanted to do, but didn't. It always comes down to this, the last two weeks of summer will be my most fun and most productive! To help me say goodbye to summer, I'm linking up with Peterson's Pad.

The rules are simple:
1. a place you visited
2. a book you read (for fun or for school)
3. something you did or made for your classroom
4. a fun thing that you did

This is the most fun part. Sheree would like you to comment on two linkers before and one after you. I LOVE COMMENTS and leaving them, so I like this idea!!

1. A place I visited...
This has been a bit of a boring summer in the visiting department. It's the first summer we didn't go to some National Park. My family loves to travel together and we decided to save up and go to London next summer. My oldest daughter will graduate from college. My son will graduate from high school, and my youngest daughter will graduate from her pre/el/middle school where she has been attending since the age of three! We thought it would probably be the last family vacation we'd be able to take before the kids are scattered around the globe! Not to worry. We live by some pretty awesome parks and we do a bit of hiking when ever we get the chance.

Just a few days ago we headed to our state park and took a hike with the goal of seeing owls. We didn't see any owls but we did see...

2. A book I read...
I've read quite a few but two that really touched me were...
Loved this book study! I got
so many valuable ideas from this
book! Well written and adaptable for
any classroom!
The ballad of Gussie & Clyde
A sweet love story told by
the son of the Clyde!
3.Something I did or made for my classroom: 
I'm working on animals right now to go with my word wall. I'm making two sets. I'll keep one set and give the other away! I'm hosting a giveaway right now. If you'd like a set, you can enter my giveaway!

I'm up to the letter K! I'm going to work on this project as soon as I post...
I also finished up some old business.  Any student who earns 100 points in Accelerated Reader gets to pick a friend and come to my house for lunch. I don't push Accelerated Reader, but some of my students LOVE it! One made it to 150, so I finally had her over for lunch last week...
We played games, ate lunch and laughed! I made them each a magnet
to remember the day by. 

4. A fun thing I did...
Helping out at my churches Vacation Bible School was a blast. Seeing students old and new was so much fun. One future student couldn't leave with out coming and talking to me at the end of the evening. I wish I had a picture of him to share or a video of him saying each night, "I hope you have a really great night!" It was precious! I ran the sound and video presentation from the balcony. Working with one of my favorite people in the world leading the kids in the front, I enjoyed every 
minute of our music time.

My view from the balcony
I still have two more weeks to get out there and do something fun! First it's time for one more cup of coffee, one more load of laundry and one more chapter to read in my book...hmmm...That sounds like fun!


  1. Thanks Jenny for linking up. I LOVE hearing about your summer. London sound FUN! In Pictures and Words is on my list to read. I'm still on her first book.
    Sheree Peterson

  2. You've had a busy summer! I love visiting parks, too.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. I love your letters and can't wait for your giveaway! I also adore all of your owl stuff. Your blog is one of the blogs that motivated me to go all OWL in my classroom this year. I am so excited about it! Have a great year!


  4. I am looking forward to your next summer! Vacation Bible School is one of my favorite summer activities and I have SO many memories from them over the years. Loving the cute animals!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  5. I hopped over from the linky party. Great to find your blog!

  6. I just found your blog through the linky party. I am sure that a trip to London will be wonderful.

    KinderKids Fun


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