Monday, October 19, 2015

Monster Book Fair and Two Winners!

Happy Monday! I hope your Monday was as delightful as mine! After a week of Book Fair Chairpersoning, I was ready for a normal, average, everyday kind of week! Have you read Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern?

Last week I felt like Peter getting more and more crowded by life's activities and chores. Like Peter by the end of the week I got the quiet I was longing for. Unfortunately, it ended with an accidental kick to a full box of books and a broken toe! An ice pack and the couch were my best friends on Saturday!

I do love my job as Book Fair Chair! Getting to push books on eager readers and giving lots of books away to those who don't know they are eager readers yet is a great joy! The Monster theme of  Scholastic Book Fairs was too much fun. We did all kinds of monstery things during the week. My favorite was letting children add an eye to our big purple monster with each book bought. Here is our little guy half way through the week! He is now standing in the hall thanking everyone for all the books that were bought.

He was easy to make. I projected his image using clip art onto a large sheet of paper. I used one of the monsters from KPM Doodles. (Click on the link to check out some awesome freebies!) Then easily cut around the outline and voila...A monster! I do this frequently to make full size animals and people to add some pizzazz to different units!

Are you ready for a winner? I hope you took the time to check out Primary Punchbowl. Grab a cup and head over to get yourself a cup of good ideas! And the winners are:
$10.00 TPT winner is Emily
$10>00 Giftcard to Starbucks: Bekah
Congrats!! Happy shopping


  1. Your monster is a cool idea! I'll have to remember that when our book fair comes along:)

  2. I read Too Much Noise to my kids. They always get a kick out of it.


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