Saturday, October 3, 2015

Currently: October

Well, hello! I am not quite ready to stop blogging all together. I do have an appreciation for people who can continue with a blog for more than two years! I wish I had that excitement I did when I first started. . . Sigh... I am thankful for Farley and the opportunity to share what I'm doing currently!

Yep! My husband usually does all the weekend cooking. He tries new recipes that are really healthy and yummy! After twenty-six years, I still love that guy and would say, "I do!" all over again!

Oh. My. Goodness! This year's class is a hoot! They love learning and get excited about every. Little. Thing! 
Here are two of my Nestlings! They turned me into a mummy after
reading Mummies in the Morning.
Seriously, why do apples get such little attention? You can do more with an apple than you can a pumpkin. Can you pick up a pumpkin and take a bite? You can't throw a pumpkin in your lunch or eat one for a snack after school. Apples come in so many more varieties than pumpkins too.

After I said all that about apples....I keep buying EVERY pumpkin flavored food available. True story.

By the way Trader Joe's has about a million pumpkin flavored foods. Pumpkin is yummy and it makes a much better latte than apples. Sadly, I have to drive a whole hour to get to the nearest Trader Joe's. I'm pretty sure my community could support a TJs!

Finally, I want to say that every time one of my kiddos calls me mom I feel that I have created a safe place for them to learn and grow. Who makes us feel safer than mom?

Now I'm going to try to visit and comment on every other Currently. Thanks for such a great party, Farley!


  1. Awww you have owlets and I have tadpoles! LOL! I agree with you on the apple vs. pumpkin thing.... I love apples!
    ~ Lorraine
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  2. I've been called "Mom" quite a few times already this year. I've also been called "teacher" a lot which is not my favorite thing - trying my best to squelch that habit. :)

  3. I like the idea of having owlets! That would be perfect, since I consider myself the wise old owl (like the GS Brownie story and the nursery rhyme about the owl who sat in the oak).

    Terri Izatt

  4. Yep, apple lover here - not so much pumpkins - the smell of it is enough to turn me sick! So lucky having a partner who will cook for you! The most I trust my partner with in the kitchen is a fried egg! I once caught him putting a glass pint glass in the microwave and a tin of beans with the tin!!

    Teaching Autism

  5. My husband does the cooking too! We're both very lucky:)


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