Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello Yellow and a Freebie!

I was honored to be asked to review Classroom Friendly Sharpener's newest sharpener, Hello Yellow! This review is totally my own and completely and totally honest. I have to say that though I was given this sharpener free I have bought many of these sharpeners for gifts as well as for my own home use. They are quiet, practically indestructible and the most reliable pencil sharpener I have ever owned. They are a bit bulky to carry in a purse, but I have managed to do it on occasion. Did I tell you I LOVE pencils and they must have a nice sharp point? Just thought I'd throw that out there! Now on to the review... 

There is nothing more exciting to me than getting deliveries! When my name shows up on a package I feel downright giddy! When my sharpener arrived days after I was told it had been shipped I could hardly wait to tear it open.
Your pencil sharpener arrives well packaged!
(I hope it's okay that Firstie Science is in the background! I'm loving this growing bundle from Tara West. It has made science fun again!)
If you have a chance to dash over to my Instagram page you'll be able to see a VERY short video of one of the cutest ever smiles as the first pencil gets sharpened. This is the one thing I have against these sharpeners...They fascinate my Owlets. They would rather sharpen pencils then use them to write sentences about what they like or what they can do! I have actually caught kiddos breaking pencils so that they can have the joy of sharpening them.

In the picture above you can see how quickly and easily a child of six can learn to operate the sharpener. Look at the beautiful lemon yellow of this sharpener. I thought I loved my blue one until I got a pink one but this yellow is my favorite and it sharpens just as well as the other two! I keep one fastened down to my work table and this one will be able to float to where it needs to...sometimes my purse!
An added benefit of this sharpener is the way kids have found to work as a team. Look at the teamwork above as these friends help each other get ready for some serious writing. The sharpener is easily attached to the table and quickly removed as well. I eventually had to put it away for the day because they just kept lining up to sharpen their pencils.

I have had many an electric sharpener in the classroom and at home, but none have lasted as long as my Classroom Friendly Quiet Pencil Sharpener.   These sharpeners make great gifts for students going off to college too! Stop thinking about getting one of these sharpeners. Just do it! You won't be disappointed! If you have any questions please ask away!!

Thanks for stopping by! Here is a graphing freebie for all K-1 grade teachers! Use a nice sharp pencil to complete the activities. Click on the picture to grab a copy!

Spin Graph Add Autumn


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