Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Something Old Something New Something Free Just For YOU!

My daughter recently became engaged to a wonderful southern gentleman. My own groom of 25 years and I are so excited for them. They've got me thinking about something old, something new, something  borrowed and something blue. As I reflect over the past year I can think of something from my classroom that fits into each category.

Alright the only things older than me in the classroom are these fossils! My students
loved uncovering bones and finding out which dinosaur they belonged to. I ordered small dinosaur dig kits from
Oriental Trading Company. They lived up to their description! 

I just made these bookmarks for students to keep track of their summer reading.
They're FREE for a limited time on Teacher Pay Teacher. You can always get them FREE

No Oreos were left uneaten at the end of this moon activity. The evening we worked
on this I went to a couple of students baseball games and we were able
to identify the moon's phase thanks to this activity I borrowed from Hilary Lewis.
After eating the oreo we used chalk to make a more permanent resource for home!

Our school bluebirds were back this year. In fact, there were two nesting pairs around
the playground. They fledged on the last day of school! I loved recess duty during the time
the mom and dad were coming and going feeding their young. I opened the box to check the chicks a couple
of times. I counted five little bluebirds! They'll nest again in this box  this summer.

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  1. First off, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How exciting!!! I can't wait to watch all the details unfold during the planning phase and then the actual wedding. :)
    Secondly... those bookmarks are the cutest things ever! LOVE THEM!


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