Saturday, November 9, 2013

Highs and Lows Linky!

At dinner every evening we play a little game called "Highs and Lows" Each person at the table whether family or guest must share a high and low from that day. Sometimes it is hard to pick just one so we allow more than one low if there is a high to counteract it! I'm inviting you over to play the game. Grab the picture above and link up below and check out some other highs and lows from our friend's week. You can have as many highs as you'd like, but for every low you must have a high! I'll go first!

My new little kitty! She is the reason it has been a long time since I last blogged. My daughter has wanted a cat for oh so long. My son is allergic. Guess who went to college leaving a huge void in my daughter's life? The allergic one! Meet the replacement to the brother...
Chessie loves watching birds out the window. 

Don't you love the pirate eyepatch?!

Low:  Chessie was stuck in a cat cage for two months. She has a respiratory infection, infected eyes and worms. Poor little girl. I'm so glad we rescued her. She is making a rapid recovery and is starting to play.
Thanks to some amazing donors, I was able to get four yoga balls for my class full of bouncy boys. What a blessing these balls are. They have really helped my kiddos with bouncy bottoms. These balls have "legs" on the bottom to prevent them from rolling around. I did catch some kids trying to "milk" them and one baby during conferences thought they'd make a good chew toy. Thank you! 

I have forgotten to bring my camera to school because I'm so busy taking pictures of Chessie. I can't show you pictures from our 50 Day celebration. I can show you what one of my students wrote... 

This represents a major victory. This child does not like to write. I LOVE that he wrote that he would live in a sub-
urban community. He is one cool kid...I'd like to chill out with him on the beach and watch him surf!

I hope you can link up! May your highs always be greater than your lows!!

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  1. What a great activity to share the highs and lows each day! It really makes you sit down and concentrate on why life is so good! Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  2. I like your linky. I'll try to join up:)
    Your little chessie is very pretty. I had a gorgeous dog with that name.

  3. My best friend's family shares highs and lows at the dinner table every night too. It's something more families should, talk, and share together.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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