Sunday, April 29, 2012

Socks and a Wedding!

Just like kids, these socks love sugar!

They were caught reading!

These socks were caught red-footed running through the halls at school.

Teaching in a parochial school sometimes means that you have to be a bit creative with your resources.  We don’t have Smart boards, or ipads.  We do have laptops and computer projectors.  I try to utilize these to the best of my abilities.  I like to make Power Points for and with my students.  I love making Power Points with pictures of my students  or the stuff they bring.  They get so excited when I share it with them. at school and send it to their families in an e-mail. 
The most popular PowerPoint I’ve made was one with my student’s socks!  Early this year we had “Bring a Sock to School Day.  We did all kinds of things with socks during the day, but the fun really started for the socks after the students had gone home for the day.  You and your students may enjoy this silly sock story.  Even better, host your own Bring a Sock to School Day and make a PowerPoint for your students to treasure! A Silly Sock Story...(Click on the blue link!)

My nephew and his blushing bride greet the congregation as Mrs. and Mr.!

It’s been a busy and very wonderful weekend. A wedding and a nature hike were the highlights! Last week I promised you pictures of the newlyweds!  They threw a wonderful party and it was so good to spend time with my four sisters and brother and their families.  After seven years of romancing she finally said, “I do”!  I love them both and wish them many years of happiness!


  1. I LOVE the sock idea! We did something similar when I was in school except it was with a teddy bear or stuffed animal :)

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