Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mars...A Planet and a Daughter!

 The first day back after spring break was a little rough, but I made it through.  I've had fun listening to stories and telling stories of my own!  My favorite memory of the week will be the time I spent with my family at the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.  My daughter whose name happens to be Mars (Her nickname  for Margaret since she was three!) came home from her studies of chemistry and biology to be with her family for Easter.  There was a traveling exhibit at the museum all about going to the planet Mars.  We had a Mars faces Mars adventure.  It was a very well thought out exhibit with plenty for us all to do.  Mars is more sure than ever she wants to travel to Mars.  Her dream job would be to work for NASA!
Reporting for duty!

Her siblings aren't sure they want to face Mars.

A perfect surgical procedure completed!

Mars experiences the gravity on Mars.

Back on planet Earth...Scrambled eggs and Scrabbled eggs are big hits this week in first grade. Of course, I left my camera at home.  I had wrote sentences containing spelling words and cut them into individual words before putting them into a plastic egg.  Six eggs in all told a story when the sentences were properly put together.  I was so pleased that most of the students were able to work independently and I was able to work with individual readers on fluency.

 It's such a thrill to get to this point in the school year and be able to see how much my students have grown in wisdom and in wanting to learn and grow.  This anchor chart I redid over spring break is one I refer to often and  helps our class refocus on objectives.
Out with the old!

In with the new!
My students are adding some "illustrations" this week!
It's off to bed for me.  I had no intention of blogging tonight, but I thought I had a chance at winning something if I mentioned this other persons  blog.  GUESS WHAT! I'm a day late. I went to the blog to get the URL and found out after I had done all this work.  Who is surprised?  I notice no one has their hand up.  If you know me, you know I have ADD...Attention to Date Disorder...GRRRR!  I did not win...I do not even collect $200 dollars!


  1. The mystery of Mars (your daughter's nickname) finally solved for me! I couldn't imagine you had named her Mars ...

  2. Oh Jen, those pictures are great. I noticed an extra kid in one of those pictures though. Did you adopt?

    1. He is our friend...who has matured into a handsome young man! You would love him like we do, Peggy! His family would fit right into our Glahn family reunions!


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