Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm a Winner and You Are, Too!

Can you hear me hooting?  I'm so excited!!  I just won one sweet prize. I'm a huge fan of the Digital Bake Shop!  I've been working on a project using Jaime's artwork.  If you have never seen her work follow the link to be amazed at her talent!The Digital Bake Shop has yummy fresh baked designs!
It is my pleasure to thank Erica Bohrer who writes a blog I love following: Erica Bohrer's First Grade!  Erica has also written teacher resource books for Scholastic that would be a great addition to your professional library!
Now it's my turn to share something!  I created two games using Digital Bake Shop's latest cinnamon buns! production.  I noticed it when I was entering the giveaway and I had to have it.  It has owls...You know I love owls!  

Showy Owl Game
The first game is helping children learn the sounds that "ow" stand for.  There is a making word part and a sorting part to the game.  My kids tested it today and wanted to play again and again! It is my newest word work station. Click here to get the game: Showy Owl Game  Please leave a comment if the link doesn't work...I'm trying to learn all that I can!  

The other game we played today is in my math work station.  The kids also enjoyed playing this.  Owls always open their beaks to the greatest number!  Here is a game to work on comparing numbers.  Comparing numbers game  I hope you can use this.  I love paper clip spinner games...Kids get to work on small motor skills and build math and reading muscles at the same time.
Thank you again to Erica...I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight.  Maybe I'll finish 11/22/63. I'm on page 171 of 849 pages...I should have saved it for a summer read!
Owl be following you!


  1. sHowy owl. That's cute this year, the year of the snowy.

  2. COngratulations on winning Erica's fabulous giveaway, Jenny!! I just love both of your owl games, thank you so much for sharing!! Thanks for stopping by my blog to let me know about them:) Love the owls!! Happy week ahead to you.
    Good Morning Mrs Rubie

  3. Thank you so much for the cute owl freebies. I know my class will enjoy them! Congratulations on winning the contest too!

  4. Congratulations on winning Erica's give away! I found your blog from hers! The owl freebies are great! Thanks!
    Farming the First Grade Crop

  5. Wow I love what you did with my graphics :) It's so neat to see kids using my images in your designs for learning :) Thank you for the lovely post linking my blog, so nice of you!

    1. Thank you, Jaime...Your work is inspirational! I can't wait to pick out some more sets! I'm so excited about winning.

  6. I have followed the link that you provided above and it's really amazing. I'll gonna teach this to my child too. However, never forget to give your child Healthy Food, it is essential to her learning process too.


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