Sunday, April 8, 2012

Scrabbled Eggs

Please someone tell me that there was a mistake on the calendar and we have one more week of spring break...Please!  I've had such a delightful week with my own children. New spring migrants are arriving daily in my yard...Someone needs to be here to greet them, give them water and encourage them to stay and nest right here.  
Dr. Mr. Hermit Thrush, Thanks for arriving during my spring
break.  I'll try to get home early from school each day to check
your water and food situation.
Love, A friend!

I had planned on going into my classroom each day to work on different projects.  I made it twice!  I did bring stuff home to do, but it's still in my bag.  My son was moaning about all the things he wanted to do over spring break, but didn't.  I told him I felt the same way.  He replied, "Ya, but you love going to school."  He wins...again. I do love going to play work each day.  I don't know why I try to argue with a seventeen year old!

How many words can you make?
How many points can you score?

I did come up with a new "game" for my firsties to "play" tomorrow.  Scrabbled Eggs is a making words activity that can be used as a word work station.  My own children played it and gave it their seal of approval. I used an old Scrabble game that I found at a yard sale for the pieces. The directions for making and playing should be found by following the link below the pictures. 

I'm excited to see my students tomorrow.  Our room will be filled with stories, sweet hugs, laughter and learning. We are all excited to  find out who Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is helping next.   Yes!  I do love school!

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  1. Hannah loves hearing about Mrs piggle wiggle too. She comes home and tells me. Your the best first grade teacher ever!


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