Thursday, April 12, 2012

Great Gator Day

Equal, Lesser and Greater Gator!

I had too much fun with my Cricut last night!  The result is a great work station.  My students loved working with their Greater Gators and playing cards to generate greater than an less than sentences.  If someone got an equal... I did the "Equal Dance" with the gator named Equal!  I got a little suspicious when  many of my workers drew cards that were equal.  I took it as a compliment to my dancing skills...hee hee hee!  They'll never forget that equal means the same.

The day started out a little rough because I forgot the anchor poem chart that I had written at
home. . . GRRR(eater!)  Luckily my room connects with the 7th and 8th grade room and they were more than happy to read with my first graders while I drove the one mile to my house and back with my great(er) poem.   The best thing of all was that when I returned they were disappointed and wanted to keep reading.  Task master that I am, we had to move on to greater things!

RECKreational Lanes!  Open for business!!
I found some great things on clearance and at the dollar store to make some new work stations.  The bowling station is quite popular.  Children recorded subtraction problems after they rolled the bowling ball down the  alley at the pins.

With Big Sums children recorded with big pencils the sum to three addends.  They love using these giant pencils that I found on clearance at Target!

I love hearing kids saying to each other, "This is the best day ever!" After the rather bumpy start to my morning I didn't expect it to turn around, but first graders are AMAZING people.  They are loving, forgiving and honest.  I am so blessed to be able to spend time with them.  Today ended up being a wonderful day.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing my joy!!

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  1. Following you back :) I love owls too!

  2. Awe that's too bad! I'm glad you were able to get something worked out though :) I do try to incorporate some Christian graphics in my sets. I actually have quite a few Christian customers! And as a Christian, I would want Christian graphics so I figure other Christians do to :)

  3. Want a Cricut . . . but it's on the one day wish list for now. Love the Greater Gator! Wish some of my teachers had half of the creativity you do, not to mention the effort you put into your lessons.

  4. Love those gators! You should show a video clip of the Equal Dance lol. Do I need a Cricut? Do you use it a lot?

    Strive to Sparkle

  5. Love the gators! Super cute idea!!
    I'm now following you too :)

    Lovin’ First Grade


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