Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Magic Kingdom and Curb Appeal

The Fairy Forest at Hoffmaster State Park
The Magic Kingdom
  Spring Break has got to be one of the sweetest times of the      year.  A kind friend commented to me that teachers should have two weeks off for spring break.  One week for resting up and one week to get ready for our last burst of teaching.  I have to say I like the idea.  Don't you?

  I started my break with the stomach flu and stayed in bed for about thirty-six hours and slept!  I haven't had a sick day in many years, but it seems I always get sick in time for a weekend or holiday.  Being in bed for the whole weekend almost felt like luxury and now I'm back to new.  Luckily, I don't feel well enough to cook, clean, or do any laundry!  That's what Sunday evening is for!

Building a fairy boat at the Haunted Pond
  Every year we have managed to squeeze in a trip to The Magic Kingdom!  Well, it's my magic kingdom because it's filled with birds.  No lines.  No heat.  No crying.  I think I've convinced my children they don't want to go to the "other" Magic Kingdom!

  Our school is very excited about the opening of a new Magic Learning Kingdom (pre-school classroom).  We have been busting at the seams and we need more room.  Because of this we converted two old locker rooms, rarely never used into a gorgeous classroom. (I admit, I used it a couple of times when our power was knocked out to shower and blow-dry my hair!)  Now I am no longer the room at the end of the hall.  Each day four sets of 15+ three and four year old  children and their parents now pass by my room.  Time for some curb appeal!
   I had been using a password with the children to enter my Magic Kingdom the room each morning.  It wasn't very attractively displayed.  I wish I had taken a before picture!  I did add a "secret" knock as well.  The password is changed daily and is usually a vocabulary or spelling word.  The secret knock is a rhythm in 4/4 time, so I sneak a little music theory in as well.
The "pink" message changes from time to time!  I love silver Sharpies, but they are shy when it come to being photographed.

Lifting the flap is part of the fun!

knock, rest, knock, knock, knock, rest, knock, knock!
The door slowly opens....

The flap is opened...

The password is whispered...You may enter The Magic Kingdom the classroom!

Make your own magic in whatever kingdom you are in!  Four more days of magical spring break!! 



  1. You can't stop coming up with magic, even on your break.

  2. Love it! Magic is ours for the making. What special memories you're helping to create.

  3. What a really fun idea. I wish our spring break wasn't over.

  4. I love this idea! The kids would think it is SO fun and you incorporate vocabulary and music, too! How awesome :)


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