Monday, March 26, 2012

The Way of the Cross

My friend, "Susan" is an inspiration to me.  She sees each day as an adventure.  If I could trade places with anyone's life, it might be hers.  Like Paul, "I am learning to be content in all circumstances." (Philippians 4:12)  My life has quite enough adventure for me!  "Susan" has lived in Kuwait and is now living in Mali. Did you know that there is a military coup going on there?  She is pretty much a prisoner in her home with five children under ten years of age! Though she's running out of milk and eggs,  she's designing t-shirts that say "I survived a coup Mali 2012".  Makes life seem pretty easy doesn't it?  She's running out of milk and I have the luxury of driving past Walmart to go to Meijers instead!  I'm praying for this family and I wish you would, too.

The mini-book I'm giving you a link to is dedicated to "Susan" and her family.  It was illustrated by my son (GoodGraphicsDan - Youtube!) and husband.  We had fun working on it together.  Sharing time with family is important to me and to "Susan", too!  You may not be able to use this book in your classroom...for obvious reasons!  Perhaps you can use it with your own family!  The Way of the Cross - a book for Holy Week...The Way of the Cross
My friend's name is not "Susan"...I changed it because I don't want any harm to come to her or her family!
"Susan", I hope this book might give you something to do for a couple minutes with your family. I wish I could bring dinner over! You are loved and surrounded by many prayers!



  1. Thanks, Jenny! You are an inspiration to me : ) God Bless and Keep you!

  2. Hi Jenny! Glad you found me and now I've found you.

    First in Maine

    PS It's acute sinusitis, not cute. Acute means severe. :)

  3. WOW. I am terribly spoiled. Praying for Susan and her family.

  4. Hey Jenny, you have been awarded the 1 Lovely Blog Award. Come to my page to check it out...Congrats!


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