Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pencil Caves and Clifford Freebie

It's hard for me to believe that three months ago I didn't really know what blogging was.  I have so enjoyed writing new posts and hopping from one blog to another.  Teaching at a small school has given me great opportunities, but being able to blog hop has let me feel as though I'm part of a large collaborative community.  I get so excited when someone leaves a comment.  It's as if I suddenly have the support of a whole community of teachers and friends!  Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.  Getting to know you has been so much fun.

Morgan also has her "I am not lost finger" in her cave.  This helps her follow along when we are all reading the same text together.

These caves are ready to be decorated with Easter stickers before being attached to the student's desks.
My students each have a pencil cave on their desk.  I ask them to keep two pencils in good operating condition in their cave at all times.  They may also keep a pair of scissors and a highlighter in their cave.  I take old toilet paper tubes and cover them with a color of paper appropriate for the season.  Their names are written on their cave and then attached by taping it to the top of their desk with wide packaging tape.  They love their caves and sometimes find messages or treats in them.  This month each cave was covered with a different patterned green paper.  That has allowed me to easily group children for instruction.  The striped cave dwellers might start the rotation by  writing.  The polka dotted dwellers may start by going to the listening center, and the plaid group may start by reading with me on the rug (rug readers!) After a predetermined time has passed they all switch stations.

I recently got a new purse.  I just have to show it to you because it's so cute!  If you didn't know I loved birds then you probably at least knew I had a great fondness for owls.  Shortly after I started blogging I saw this purse on pintrest.  I followed the link and chose the cheaper less expensive green owl purse.  When the package arrived it was the purse that I REALLY wanted!  I e-mailed right away and told them of  the mistake and the people at joeleather on ebay said to keep it.  I was quite happy to agree with them!  It's supposed to be handmade.  I found a tag inside that says, "Made in China"....I'm not so sure that it is totally handmade, but I love it anyway!

Is that Clifford in the background?
We are going to spend  the week finishing up Clifford and achievement tests.  All of my students love Clifford and have enjoyed using my laptop with the new app from Scholastic.  Have you tried Storia?  I think it's pretty sweet!  My students give it their stamp of approval, too.  It's free and it comes with 5 books!
It comes with three of these books and two scary story books.  I didn't put the scary stories on the bookshelf.  I added  Mr. Rover Takes Over  and Clifford the Big Red Dog.
Scholastic Storia

Finally, here are some Clifford freebies I'd like to share.  I got the graphics from melonheadzdoodles.  I love all of her work, but especially the packages that feature well loved book characters.  You can purchase her work directly from her blog or at etsy.

Clifford Package of GoodiesImproved Link!
Clifford math stories

Label Clifford
My firsties love searching for their spelling words hidden around the room.


  1. Love the idea of the pencil caves and how you can leave little goodies/notes for the students. I'm so glad you've been blogging and have been able to help me start!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to come visit my blog and make a comment. I appreciate all the nice folks out there that showed me support as I get this whole blog thing off the ground. Thanks again.

    First Upon A Time

  3. Your Clifford goodies are so cute! Thanks!


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