Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Blessing and a Truffala Tree

This was probably one of the longest weeks I've had in a long time.  I would like nothing better than to teach first grade all day.  It is my first love!  I am fortunate to have three part time teaching jobs.  If someone had told me in college that I would one day teach music and computer I probably would have dropped out or at least not gone into teaching.  Teaching middle schoolers anything was about as pleasant sounding to me as having wisdom teeth removed.  I  have high admiration for people who love to spend whole days with that age group!  I have grown to enjoy 7th and 8th grade quirkiness.  Having a 7th grader myself has given me a new perspective on this unusual group of people!

Thursday night was the final performance of our schools spring musical.  I directed it with the help of the wonderful teachers I work with.  K-8 puts on a show every two years.  This was my third musical.  It went very well.  I had planned an escape route in the event of a flop, but was instead happy and proud to receive flowers and cheers.  Any way...

Friday I walked into my classroom which should have been empty.  There, sitting in the room was a single student lost in a book.  It brought me to tears.  This is not a child who would normally be reading.  He had fallen in love with reading because of Dr. Seuss.  I was so moved that I had to attempt to capture the moment.  Taking a picture wouldn't have done it.  I've attempted to write a poem and thought not only of this child, but other children I have had the joy and privilege of working with over the years.  I hope that you enjoy my attempt at poetry!

I got a special gift today it was not in a box,
It involved a special child and a book called Fox in Sox.

At the end of a long day, I walked through my classroom door,
And I must admit quite sheepishly I almost hit the floor.

His head was bent over a book; his eyes were on the page,
It may have been an easy one for a child of his age.

Some had given up on him, thrown their hands up in despair,
I think to do that to a child just really isn’t fair.

There’ve been days he’s been disruptive, and some when he’s been mad,
I try to meet his needs like no other teacher had.

He looks up from his book, and says that he is done,
He finally thinks that reading can be a lot of fun.

He’s carried many burdens, not had an easy life,
I pray that God has somehow helped me ease his strife.

I’ll always count him a blessing, when I think about this year,
I know that when he leaves my room, for him I’ll shed a tear.

 If you have made it through this far, thank you!  Now I have to show you my Truffala Trees!  We read the Lorax on Friday and made trees.  We started with a pastel M&M and then WOW a Truffala Tree just sprouted!  Well, the kids figured out pretty quick that it was really cookies and sherbet!  After their AWESOME performance at the school musical they deserved a treat!  I got the idea from via my favorite search engine...Pintrest!!
The rainbow sherbet even smelled like a Truffala Tree!

The Brown Bar-ba-loots even showed up!

We made sure that the Oncler was no where around!

One student wanted to save the plate!  It does look pretty awesome!


  1. I love, love, love this poem. God is so great and we must remind ourselves that He puts each kiddo in our rooms for a reason. You have such a gift for words and you have touched that child's life forever.

    Your trees now are adorable! We will need to do those! =)

    Heather's Heart



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