Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Seuss, We are not Through With You!

Books to read and things to do,
Oh Seuss we are not through with you.
Notes to write, messages to send,
To fishes, Sneetches and Horton our friend.

Character studies on Cat in the Hat,
We are all excited about that.
Things One and Two, will you come to our house?
We can eat green eggs and ham  with a mouse.

Oh Lorax we won't forget about you.
We'll make your Truffala Trees taste yummy, too!
Our feet will be happy when we make a book
About what we stand on, come take a look!
by me!

  We served the kids green eggs and ham for breakfast.  The paint and tape were used later!

I thought February was packed full of fun for firsties, but March looks just as promising.  I'm so glad Ted was born on the 2nd so we could kick March off on an author study about the good doctor.  His characters are so rich and his life lessons are so easy for all to understand.  This will be a long weekend because I'm so excited to jump into Seuss next week.  

Do you know which book this pair is reading?  I'm not sure go ask your pop!

The first graders loved having their hands painted so they could make Thing 1 or  Thing 2.

We'll start the week off by finishing our study on the Cat.  We just completely ran out of time to do everything I had planned during our birthday celebration.  The students young and old loved playing Tic-Tac-Seuss with each other.  I was so careful with matching children with partners and it paid off.  My first graders were all quite happy with their older partners for the morning. I was a little worried that they would tire and not be able to get through three books together.  They almost all did! most were able to make their favorite Thing as well as complete a fun math worksheet I got from Kathy at First Grade a la Carte.  Sadly, our time together got cut short by our slave-driving music teacher who thought it was necessary to practice our spring musical on Dr. Seuss birthday of all days!
They are prepped, primed and ready to perform!  She isn't that bad!

I'm so thankful for the mom that helped all morning.  She helped each child crack an egg and made the eggs.  She cleaned everything up and helped monitor activities.  Her two year old son was happy to sit and paint with colored paper and water for a long time.
Cat in the Hat and me Venn Diagram


  1. What a fun morning!! The kids really enjoyed themselves and almost everyone ate the yummy green eggs and ham, too. (I DID!) ^.^ I love your poem, too.

  2. It was fun wasn't it! Let's do it again soon. Thank you . . .I love comments!!


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