Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I have been overwhelmed lately by joy! I find it in what I think of as the usual places. The smiles from my students bring me joy. Your comments bring me joy. My "real" children bring me joy. It just seems to be contagious this time of year. Earlier this week I heard one of my owlets say, "I've got the Christmas spirit!" to one of his classmates. He does, too! He can't sit still and seems to be dancing most of the time. He spontaneously erupts into Christmas carols and before long he's got the whole class singing "Jingle Bells"! I probably shouldn't be pleased with this kind of behavior, but by golly, I want to join in with the caroling, too!

I miss the days when my own children were filled with the wonder and awe of Christmas. Not one of them is a believer any more and it's hard to think of new and fresh ways to surprise them with the little things. My youngest daughter is in her final year at the school where I teach, and confessed to me that she just couldn't get into the Christmas Spirit. I realize that for me the joy comes from making the magic come alive for others. Together we brainstormed and came up with a way that she could bring magic into the lives of others.

Enter under appreciated young ladies that provide childcare at our school. They are the sweetest kindest girls who would love to one day have a classroom of their own. They get the students at the end of the day when they are worn out from trying so hard to follow the rules. One sweet girl in particular is a hero to me! She love those kids and tries all kinds of different ways to interact with some pretty big handfuls. My daughter and I have decided to leave some secret surprises for her in different places. We have a week to give her some fun items that we found at Bath and Body Works and Target! She might know my handwriting, so we'll use these labels to disguise who they are from! Help yourself by clicking HERE if you'd like a copy of these for your own.( I have printed them out on Avery 8163 labels!) There is no better way to find joy than by thinking of others!

Today for 12-12-12 we had a joyful blast! We decorated Christmas trees with 12-12-12! 12 marshmallows, 12 stars and 12 chocolate chips were glued onto sugar cones...Yum! We read 12 books and thought of 12 math problems that equaled . . . 12! 

Our 12-12-12 Forest! These kids showed such restraint!

Is my house ready for Christmas? NO! Is my Christmas shopping done? NO Is the Christmas baking done? NO! Am I in the Christmas spirit? YES! Why? Because I found the secret to joy! It isn't looking out for my own pleasures. It isn't finding that just right gift. It isn't finding the right card to send or being a Secret Santa! "It" came in a manger and is God made flesh to bring light and joy into the world. 


  1. What a fun joy filled day! I do love the word may be my next tattoo:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. I feel very Christmas spirity these days too. My kids are 5 and 7 which is Christmas joy overfloweth. Have you read Get it for sure. xo

    First in Maine

  3. Your post was so sweet, it brought tears to my eyes!


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