Saturday, November 17, 2012

Turkey Time Freebie!

Was this a long week for anyone besides me? I feel like I need to go back and reteach procedure and classroom kindnesses all over again! While watching a video of my students singing along to "Turkey Time" by Harry Kindergarten I was mortified when one of my sweetest, kindest owlets stuck his leg out and tripped another student who happened to be running around like a turkey with his head chopped off! If I showed you this video it would lead you to believe that I have NO classroom management skills.  Actually, they had a lot of steam to let off after a particularly long Christmas program practice. They did settle down and do some awesome work after this fun. I'll catch them doing it nicely and share it with you!

Click below for a copy of the lyrics! WARNING: You and your students will sing this song constantly...even when you don't want to!

This weeks low: I was afraid I wouldn't be able to eat any turkey after my tooth broke on Thursday night. Of course my dentist doesn't have hours on Friday, so after considering super glue, I left a message at the office. By the time he called me back I realized my tooth feels better than it has since I had work done on it two years ago. I know it will have to be addressed, but as long as I can still eat chocolate I'm okay with it! I've put the rather large chunk of tooth under my pillow. I'm believing the tooth fairy will help pay for the work to be done!

My high for the week was my son getting his acceptance letter to a school 12 hours away from home! I hope he still likes snow after a winter in the upper peninsula. He might be Michigan Technological University bound. He is a creative genius! Check out his latest "work!"

My students create a new pencil "cave" every month. I'll be sorry to say goodbye to this month's cave. I had book holders left over from a recent book fair and they have made great pencil caves and the kids came up with the idea to use them to hold the book they love reading over and over on them. You can imagine how thrilled the first time I heard an owlet say, "I'm not going to waste any time. I'm going to read while I'm waiting." I smiled so hard my face hurt. I'll leave you with pictures of their caves...

Love these non-fiction books
This turkey has a disco ball!


  1. CUTE Thanksgiving song! You are right, it's very catchy. :) I love music in the classroom. Thanks for sharing.

    Granny Goes to School

  2. Your son is very talented!!! :) I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!


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