Friday, November 2, 2012

Snoozer and the Hairless Ones!

 Yes, I am a cat person. I loved our cat, Snoozer. She was a beautiful calico cat and before I had my first child I thought that if they didn't get along the child would go and I would keep the cat! The cat was actually quite protective over the baby and would bite my ankles every time she cried. . . Which was most of the time for eight months. They didn't get along very well, but they both stayed! I just had to keep them separated. I don't have a cat today because my son has allergies. He's going away to college next year...It may be time for a cat.

My story idea is to have a cat who longs to be set free outside. She spends hours looking out at the world and feeling jealous of the "tailless ones" who leave the house each day. One night the cat slips out into the dark night only to find that being outside isn't what she thought it would be. One day I'll see my idea in print! Until I do I'll read great books like this one...

Mother to Tigers tells the  true story of  Helen Frances Theresa Delaney Martini who was the first woman zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo. It is a beautiful touching story of the love Helen had for young tigers and how she found fulfillment in starting a nursery at the zoo. Helen felt about her work as I feel about mine, "Every day is just like Christmas. Anything can happen."

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