Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Waiting at the polls!

Some of my favorite places to read are in lines! 

Did you vote today? If you did you are a winner! The  rule about games in my room: "The winner is the person who had fun!" Of course I have heard my  sweet little  people say, "Yeah, but I'm the real winner!"  Today I felt like a "real" winner standing in line with my son who recently turned 18. He was so excited to be able to vote. I was so proud that he took his responsibility seriously. We don't agree on every issue and may have cancelled out each other's votes on some issues, but we do agree that voting is a treasure that we don't want to miss out on.

Casting his ballot!
That makes me think of other "treasures" that are mine. 2 Cor. 4:7 "Our bodies are made of clay, yet we have the treasure of the Good News in them. This shows that the superior power of this treasure belongs to God and doesn't come from us." I'm so thankful for the treasures God has given me and among them I count you! 

Another treasure I can't get enough of...Books! When I took my class to the polls we had books to read in case we had to wait for our turn or wait for our friends when we were done. I had taken the books from the shelves in the library where we voted. I was begged to bring the books back to our room, so they could read them all. These wonderful picture books are great for emergent readers. I love using photos to make books, too! I may have to make one about Pileated Woodpeckers! That treasure has been hanging out in my backyard! I was able to get pictures and
a video of this treasure!

I hope you can treasure this book! I hope making it isn't too confusing! Let me know if you need help!! There are some secret treasures
added, too! Leave a comment and your e-mail if you would like the rest of this unit I have for sale at my TPT store.


  1. Good for your son! I love that he voted. You've obviously set a good example. My boys are always excited to vote, too ... Municipally, provincially and federally. I'm watching your election results right now. It's very exciting! Canadians are always very interested to see who your president will be:)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  2. I love to vote!


  3. You are a treasure! We had an election party and had apple pie at a friend's house. He told us not to bother coming if we hadn't voted:-) Our book character elections are tomorrow:-)

    Chickadee Jubilee


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