Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monster Mania! Freebie!

I came so close to having Monsters as my theme this year. When I got a comment from Greg at Smedley's Smorgasboard I started to question my decision. (Thank you, Greg for your comment. We could be twins. I have another twin out there and we don't have the same mother, either!)  I'm not switching. I'm staying with owls. I once considered a job change to a different school and a wonderful person gave me this advice: "Make your choice. Love your choice." I'm pretty good now at sticking with the choices I make without saying, "I should have." This friend went on to say, "Never run away...Only run to." I stuck it out one more year at the school I was at and loved every moment of it. I then got a job offer back home in Michigan the next year and it was a definite run to situation for me! I love where I am. I love what I'm doing.

Owls will rule come fall, but we will have time for monsters, of course. I have a class that is comprised of mostly boys, so how could I NOT have some monsters show up? Have you ever read Mo Willems book Leonardo the Terrible Monster? Leonardo, the Terrible Monster (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))

It is one of my favorites! I love what a terrible monster Leonardo is. What makes a good monster, anyway? Do you have any students who ever act like "terrible monsters"? I didn't think so! If you did you might want to click on this link to get a FREE Monster Game and FREE Monster I have. Who has? game!!
Greg, I know you don't have any monsters for students, but you might enjoy some of these activities anyway!!

I've got to go to bed or I'll be a monster tomorrow!


  1. Love this post, and I adore owls too! I have three little monsters here at home...LOL I gave you an award!!! Stop by my blog to pick it up! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

    1. I have three monsters at home, too! Thanks for the award. I'm on my way to pick it up!!

  2. Shew, each year I always get "the student" in kindergarten. The one who climbs out the window and runs or the shoe thrower or the mute who ran around naked all day...but no matter what I love my monsters! Is it bad that I already know my theme for next year too!?!

    I'm totally stealing your choice quotes!!! I need to apply that thinking!



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