Friday, May 25, 2012

Winners! Caterpillars!

Are you a winner?  Yes you are!!  You win a Memorial Day Weekend to refresh and enjoy the freedoms we have.  We practiced the "Star Spangled Banner" this week and enjoyed listening to other patriotic music.  I bought a wonderful lift the flap book that told the history of our National Anthem as well as breaking the song into learn-able chunks.  Even though it's a board book,  my sixth grade music class enjoyed it and didn't find it one bit babyish! You can take a closer look at the book from my Amazon carousel...You can even order it there!! Oh Say Can You See

Are you still with me?  I know you really want to know who won my first Give-Away!  Rafflecopter is so easy to use.  Plus it really works!!  I was a little nervous about it, but I will use it again if I ever have 100 followers!
a Rafflecopter giveaway  The winners are (Do you hear the drum roll?).....
Kelly at  Busy in K

and ...Sara at  Smiling in Second

I'm a winner now too because these are great blogs that I hadn't known about!  I'm following them all and look forward to reading through their old posts as well as seeing exciting things to follow!

Our Monarch caterpillars are a wonderful classroom addition.  Today one of my students asked if she could read to them...I love saying, "yes" so, I did.  She told me later that she knew he was listening because he stopped chewing!  I'm amazed how quickly these caterpillars are growing.  I'm more amazed to look back at pictures of my owlets on their first days of school and see how much they have grown and bloomed this year.  They are almost ready to wrap themselves in the chrysalis of summer and emerge as second graders!
I'm excited to have my daughter come home from college on Sunday.  She went on a mission trip to Guatemala as soon as school let out.  I heard last night that she had to have some staples put in her chin following a fall.  It's  so hard to have your child that far away and not be able to do anything...Not that I could have done much!  She writes quite humorously about her experience on the group blog, so I'm praying she wasn't as scarred by the incident as I am!

Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend...Remember to remember!



  1. Have a wonderful weekend, with your daughter. We got a 4-day weekend, because today was a furlough. I am relaxing, reading, and blogging. The book looks fun. I am adding it to my American Symbols unit.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Have a fantastic weekend. How lucky that your daughter will be coming home!

    First in Maine

  3. Congrats ladies!!
    Happy Memorial Day :)

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog


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