Sunday, May 27, 2012

Homecoming and Four Math Game Freebies!

My daughter's bed is made and pillow put in place.  I know she'll be exhausted by the time she makes it home.  I'm so anxious to see her.  After finishing her junior year of college she went on a mission trip with a group of classmates to Guatemala.  This is her second trip there and I know it isn't her last even though she got to experience third-world medicine first hand!  I can't wait to see the staples she is so proud of adorning her face.  She's just hoping she gets to keep them as souvenirs!  I can't wait. I can't wait for her to come home!

My younger two are playing piano, trombone, flute and singing Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's song, "Home".  Don't ask how they do it, but let me tell you it is a joy to watch them try to find ways to fill their time before they get to see their big sister!  I hope I can catch them on camera one of these days.  They are planning on singing it to their long lost sister as soon as she gets here.

What to do....What to do...I'll create a game for early finishers!  I bought the Game board package from KPM Doodles a while ago.  I had tried to come up with my own boards, but it was a lot of work and when I saw that KPM Doodles had already done it, I just bought it and now I'll share what I made with you in honor of my daughter's homecoming!  I'm going to have a lot of fun with these designs...Thank you KPM Doodles!
This is the first game in the package!

I'll leave these on my blog for a couple of weeks before
I move them to my TPT  account!!  Get them while they 
are free!

Four Math Game Boards! Laminate to reuse!

I have to go....I see headlights....She's home!!

This is the last game in the package!
Download the rest to see two and three!


  1. I know you're glad to have her home! Loved the pic on fb of the staple, and know you finally feel relief to know it wasn't a major injury and was taken care of. But when did you get old enough to have such an old daughter??

    I may have to download the games - Mom's a retired high school Math teacher and this might just keep her brain busy on certain days.


  2. These are great games!! Love them! Thanks for sharing!! :)

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