Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daily Review and Teacher Appreciation!

Me and my Firsties looking for birds on our field trip last week!  What a hoot we had!
What do you think about my new look?  I think it is amazing!  Thanks to my friend Snickety Things and Digital Bakeshop graphics I have a whole new look!  Blogging has given me a great new friend who I wish was my neighbor.  She has helped me over and over.  I hope someday we can meet up for lunch!

I am so excited....I sold a product on TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers!)  I made 15 cents.  Because of my instant wealth I've decided to share my Daily Review with you.  It will be available through my blog all week for Teacher Appreciation Week.  After that I'll ship it over to my TPT store.

When my students come in in the morning they . . . "Put their folder in the hold and get their Daily Review.  It's sitting on my desk waiting for you them!"  Daily Review is just as the word implies...A review of past objectives and a reinforcement of lessons taught.  Each day of the week I have students skip count by a different number, write the date, write the weather, write the number of days we have been in school and well look for yourself!
The handwriting lines are for students to write their own original sentence or to answer the question of the day in a complete sentence.
If you Would like a weeks worth click on the link to get it freeeee all week long. Here is a week of Daily Review just for you! ( I hope this link works...Let me know if it doesn't!)  While they are doing the review, I take lunch count and check folders for any messages or homework.  If there is time left I have students read their fluency passages to me.  They have twenty minutes to try to complete the review.  Early finishers become rug readers...They sit on the rug and read.  They get to choose from books I have put in a basket on the rug. Then we are ready to start our day of growing and learning!
Teachers, I appreciate you and what you do for all the precious children in your care and keeping.  May you be appreciated over and over all week long!!


  1. Love the new blog and the adorable picture of bird viewing. My class has been making bird feeders our of recyclables and birds are already flocking to them. Thank goodness for a wall of windows in our classroom.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. The new look is SO you. I wish my first grade teacher had been more like you; I wouldn't have been "sick" as often! I know your students appreciate all you do for them, and how much effort goes into the planning of the variety and fun things you do. Keep teaching them about the birds - you may be starting a young birder on their journey!


  3. This is one of the best blogs I have come across yet!! Excellent work! I have just started my first grade blog, I hopw you will check it out and give me some tips!

    :) Dana

    1. Dana, you made my day. I am think your blog is great. Maybe you can give me some tips!!

    2. I meant to say I think your blog is great...And I mean it!
      Fun in 1st Grade

  4. If you will send me your email address, I will send you a copy of my activity pack on The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, as I said I would in the blog you commented on!


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