Monday, May 14, 2012

A Chickadee and a Worm Freebie!

This chickadee is busy building his nest.
Each year I travel with my sisters to try and see as many birds in one location as possible.  We wish we could do a big year together, but because of other responsibilities we just can't do it...Maybe someday! If you don't know what a "Big Year" is I highly recommend the book "The Big Year" by  Mark Obmascik. I returned yesterday from our "Big Weekend" exhausted and sore from hiking and straining my neck to see more birds.  I won't bore you with too many bird pictures, but I will share this picture these pictures that made me think of my friend Laurie at Chickadee Jubilee.
How can you not love these cheerful little guys?

I do have over 200 pictures of my trip and I will be sharing them at my blog devoted to mostly birds.  If you love birds you can check out my other pictures in the coming weeks! I'd Rather Be Birding is the blog where I let my bird geekiness out!  I promised I wouldn't mention any more bird activities this year.  So I won't tell you about the Chickadee and Hawk game we played during our break.  I won't mention how it is a lot like Duck Duck Goose.  I wish I could tell you how "It" is a chickadee and says chicka-dee-dee-dee and on the last dee the person they touch turns into a hawk and tries to catch them. You'll have to wait until next year to find out that the chickadee is safe if it makes it all the way around the circle and sits down in hawk's place.  I bet you can hardly wait until next year to find out how to play this game that teaches kids about predator and prey in the bird world...sigh!

Looking through a compost pile for earthworms.
Isn't it cute?

Do you know how hard it is to measure worms?  I'll be glad to use
ones that aren't quite so squirmy and made out of yarn!
Today we started learning all about worms.  I promise a couple of posts about this.  Here are a couple of pictures to whet your appetite for more wormy ideas...

Finally here is a Fact or Fiction activity that I'll use with my students tomorrow.  We'll be reading Diary of a Worm.  Today we read a non-fiction book called Wonderful Worms. Tomorrow we'll be writing poetry...our first draft and deciding whether statements are fact or fiction...Here's a link for you if you'd like a freebie for studying worms!  

Enjoy these wonderful last days of school.  Love the students that are precious in His sight.  I pray they are precious in your sight, too!


  1. I think birds are cool, but I'm not obsessed. However, I really love when people are obsessed with things. What is life without passion and direction. I hope you get your big year. Thanks for sharing!

    First in Maine

  2. Thanks for another book to add to my list! Will be anxiously waiting for the bird pics wherever you choose to share them. And those worms . . . can't wait to see what you'll find to teach the kids about in fun ways. Reminds me though that I want to look further into "worm composting."


  3. Thank you for visiting me. I look forward to re-visiting your blog ( so I added you to my teacher blog list ). :o)

  4. Thanks for dropping by & following my blog! Good luck on the giveaway! Your blog looks adorable- I am now a follower. I look forward to reading more of your posts! :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. Your blog is adorable! Love the worm activities. How fun!! :)



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