Friday, August 30, 2013

Dragon into School!

I really wanted to have a dragon themed classroom this year. I just couldn't get past the idea that the kids would feel like they were being dragged into school every day. Read on and lost somewhere in this post is my actual theme for the year!

Finally I have a class to call my very own! I have waited, prayed and hoped for this for a loooong time! I get to spend the whole day with first and now second graders without having to say goodbye at noon. I think that they are happy about that, too! Yesterday I announced that I had good news and bad news. Which did they want first? After voting to hear the good news first they booed when I announced it was time to go home! "That's two bad newses!" Said one of my new owlets! Awww such sweet words. Now a nice long weekend to recover from loosing my voice....from too much singing and resting my face that hurts from too much smiling! Want to see some fun stuff? Read on!

Of course this lover of all things pink would have a "sparckale" dragon! 
 I never knew there was a name for this...Guided Drawing! My owlets get quite excited when we do this. I'm not sure if there are rules for it. I start with a shape or two and then we make a list of what we think it is going to be. I don't give any hints and no idea about what it is is a bad idea. I cannot draw without following directions, so I have all kinds of step-by-step books. When we have finished I have the class add details of color and or put the character in a setting. Finally we add a sentence or two telling about the picture. I could do this every day. I only do it once a week...I want the kids to get excited when we do it and not make it part of our daily routine.
My "theme" this year is "Showing S'more Kindness" so we have
chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows all over the
place. I love that this creative genius showed a kind dragon helping
a princess roast marshmallows!
On another neat note...My class had fun with cleaning wipes this week. You would think it was a free-time activity with the excitement you could feel in the room. It started with one owlet wanting to use a wipe to clean off some marker from their desk at free time. Pretty soon look what happened...

I'm off to enjoy some shopping, cooking and celebrating of my Cranky Bear's birthday. Need some resources for guided drawing? Check these out!

Mrs Miners Monkey Business
Mrs. Miner has some awesome resourses and many are FREE!


  1. So excited for you! I am Draggin...into school. 7:15 is so early! Did I miss the room reveal post?

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Your group sounds great! I love how they think cleaning is fun...If only I could start thinking that way at home!

  3. I guess I never really knew you didn't have your own kids all day. Congrats! They're lucky.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First


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