Thursday, March 7, 2013

Currently March

I started doing Currently with my technology students in January. When they walked into class Monday they were all excited because they  knew it was time to do March's Currently. I was so happy to think that I've created some great monsters bloggers! I have a couple of students who have really caught the bug and blog from home about different random subjects. Who cares if their pictures are upside down or backwards...They are putting their ideas down on "paper" and sharing it with the world.
My daughter's post! Click to see her full post! is free and easy to set up. It helps students have a purpose for writing and has provided teachers in my building ways to give assignments that allow students to express and publish their ideas in new ways. I would love to come check out your kid's blogs...Here is one of my groups!
I left my camera at school today...I hope...I can't find it anywhere in this house. This house is a mess right now. My daughter who I love is home on spring break and has spread her "stuff" all over the house. She is making a renaissance costume and it takes over two rooms of the house. She has made a fancy gourmet meal every day this week, so I can put up with the MESS for a couple more days.
Anyway, here's my Currently...

I'll be back tomorrow with some pictures of a cat who happens to be wearing a hat!


  1. Love the idea of having kids blog and fill out a Currently each month! I'm not a technology teacher, but I may have to think of some ways to incorporate this into my curriculum next year. Your Like/Love/Hate's are great - completely agree!

  2. I do enjoy how much my kiddos enjoy kidblog:-) So so glad tomorrow is Friday...have a great one!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. This is my first currently! I also love HOT things. Kid blog is a great idea but it might be a bit too high for my kids but I wonder how much I could modify this???? hmmmm.....

    Funny-I had the same "thinking" !

  4. I am so excited your daughter is home and you get to hear your kiddos laughing together! I love the sound of my three youngins laughing, playing and enjoying each other until it turns to arguing. :) Hot wings sound so delicious right now, but I already had my dinner. :(
    I need to check out kidblog. I've seen it before, but need to look into it again.


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