Friday, September 14, 2012

Whole-Brain Mania!

I have been watching this video over and over! I love her style. I used several of these techniques in my classroom today and wow! My favorite was when I had them blow the answer into their hand. Everybody answered and was engaged during my whole mini-lesson. I can't wait to become more "Whole Brained" 

I made these posters to get me started doing more whole brain activities. I have found that trying to incorporate too many new ideas at one time doesn't work. When I break things down into chunks things go much better.  I'd love to share these posters with you. Enjoy!!


  1. I have slowly been watching the Whole Brain Teaching stuff...I am going to have to dive in...

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. You are the BEST!!! I searched and searched and I never saw that tutorial.... so hopefully it's fixed!!! :) This is why I'm so happy I found the blogging community.

    I LOVE WBT and have been using it since the first day of school. I love using "Teach" "Ok" because their little voices teaching their friends is so powerful. Super cute posters!!!!


  3. Yay! Another blogging friends are jumping on the WBT bandwagon! I love it! I started out the year with it and my kids love it too! I have a tab on my blog with all of my WBT posts on it, if you're interested. There are also some great resources on the WBT website, if you haven't been there yet.

  4. I LOVE this so much. You are awesome. I did whole brain stuff when I taught first grade. It worked so well. Thanks!


  5. Wow! I came home from school today and googled WBT because it is my last hope for getting my new class under control so we can actually do some LEARNING instead of me constantly managing behavior! :)

    Anyway, I have this video paused on my laptop right now! Better go finish if it's one of your faves!

    Thanks for the adorable posters, too! :D

    Teach On.


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