Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I am Not Lost Finger!

Each year I stock up on these "I am Not Lost" Fingers to use through out the year. I pass them out to my students to keep in their Browsing Boxes. We use them for different activities including sight word work, oral reading practice and reading directions together. It is a visual reminder for them to keep their eyes on the text or a great tool for find the word activities.  It helps me guide students back on task if their mind starts to wander.
I hope they change their minds about these I am Not Lost Fingers!

This year after I passed the fingers out and told them what they were for I got this question that NO ONE has ever asked in all the years I've been teaching... "Can we pick our noses with this?" The thing that I think is quite funny in this question is that all eyes were on me and looking at me quite seriously. There wasn't a smirk or a giggle in the crowd. They wanted to know if they could use these to pick their noses with....Sigh! What I love about this question is that it was so honest. I feel so honored that this little guy thought that he could ask me anything without feeling embarrassed or afraid of my reaction. It was hard to suppress the giggles that tried to escape, but I was able to keep a straight face and say, "No."

I wish "no" had been the end of it. Someone else asked if they could take it home at the end of the year. I said I wasn't sure. He replied, "If I get to take it home, the first thing I'll do with it is pick my nose." How can you not love a job where you get to spend the whole day with such delightful and funny people!
I caught these guys using them properly!


  1. Where do you get yours? I have been looking for them and haven't found them yet!
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. I have those too, and if one of my Chickadees would have asked that, I would have been laughing all day.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. Love these. Must have them!


  4. That is hilarious!

  5. Ha ha! Too funny:). I have those too but I just call them witches fingers. I never thought of putting them in their book boxes. Cool idea.
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  6. Amelia informed me that she had a black fingernail on hers last year and she never picked her nose with it-


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