Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leaping into Leap Day!

Our latest students are frogs.  Can you find all three?  Now you see them...

I feel so torn right now.  I would love to have a Snow Day and the chances of having one are quickly coming to an end for this school year.  I would love to go to school tomorrow.  My students are so excited for our Leap Day celebration.  I am pretty excited for the day, too!  Our frogs are ready to be named.  Ten random colored frogs are hidden in bags ready to be graphed.  Measuring tape is ready to measure the length of said frogs leaps.  I'm just not sure how I should pray...

And now you don't!

Oh no!  Frogs are escaping!  Snow Day or not we WILL celebrate Leap Day!
We'll use the lily pads to play Musical Leap...It's very similar to Musical Chairs, but safer.

I just can't help wanting to sit in my living room, sipping an extra cup of coffee while working one more Sudoku!  I live in Michigan and we have had a Snow Day every year since I started teaching here twenty-two years ago.  My children haven't had a chance to go skiing, skating or sledding.  Don't you think every first grader who lives in Michigan should experience a Snow Day?
My son introduced me to the Snow Day Calculator.  He has pretty much lost faith in it, but I secretly think he checks it nightly.  This winter it has given us false hope twice.  It claimed we had a 99% chance of a day off, but the 1% chance of school was what we got.  Two hours ago it gave us a 67% chance for tomorrow, but now we're down to a 55% chance.
Snow Day Calculator

I would love to know if you have a Snow Day and what you do with it. IF I have one I'll probably end up preparing for Dr. Seuss day on Friday and thinking about all my favorite firsties!
My students will be greeted by this message and have to leap into the  classroom on February 29th!


  1. No snow day! Lots of "this is the best day ever"s and "You're the best teacher in the whole wide world"! It's been a leaping great morning!!


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