Thursday, February 2, 2012

Monsters...Groundhogs and others!

Felt groundhogs were a big hit!
I've seen Hundred's Day and Groundhogs Day and I'm alive to tell about it. I feel as though I could hibernate for six weeks along with the groundhog!  All twelve of my groundhogs sang:
"I'm a little groundhog,
furry and round
You may see me pop out of the ground
When I see my shadow
Down I'll stay
Six more weeks of winter's on the way!
Can you guess what tune we sang this little ditty to?  If you said or thought "I'm a Little Teacup" Kiss your brain your 100 days smarter.  Wait I mean 101 days smarter!
Our friend Zero the Hero brought two zero
shaped treats because 100 has two zeros!
We jumped up in front of the white board with the overhead projector on and if we saw our shadow we sat on one side of the room and if we didn't we sat on the other.  Yes, I said "we".   I mean "we" quite seriously.  Someone had to demonstrate and I was the one that volunteered.  Only two out of twelve didn't see their shadows.  It looks like we are in for another six weeks!

We did have some sweet reminders of 100s Day left over.  After putting together our trail-mix of 100 snacks, 10 from 10 different bowls, I decided to save the kisses we found hidden by our friend Zero the Hero in the gym.  We attached them with tape to our Hundreds chart and I used it today to reward finishing assignments, giving compliments, or for being a good friend.  I would have them take a kiss off of a number that is ten more or less than another number. Some got to take a kiss from between  two numbers or one more or less than a given number.  It was quite interesting to see how easy or difficult this was for different children.  I think we'll be kissing again for Valentines Day!

I hope you are finding ways to celebrate big moments in your life.  Whatever you do find ways to bring joy to those around you....It's contagious!  If you have any monsters in your closet try putting 100 spots on them...They aren't as scary that way!
We added a spot for great behavior or finished work and said a cheer
each time we made it one ten closer to 100.  Students changed the number
on the white board each time they added a spot.


  1. Zero the Hero! Too cute! 100 day was always my favorite day...

  2. It is a fun day, Cool Teach! My son is Zero the Hero...He told the kids he is zero, but he's a pretty awesome 17 year old!!


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