Sunday, February 22, 2015

Five for Friday (Early or Late?!)

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday on Sunday. I'm feeling random, so I thought it would be appropriate! Now you can either claim I'm a couple days late or you can think like I do and figure I am five days early. I'm not going to explain my thinking because I don't know that anyone would understand my explanation. It is just the way I think!
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This week was short. Three days short. Monday was a scheduled day off. Friday was a snow day. That leaves only three days of teaching this week. I can't believe I'm about to say this but here it goes, "I've had enough snow days for the year." My house is so clean, I follow my kitty around and take pictures of her. I even use kitty treats to get her to pose for some of them.

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Does anyone else feel like February is way to short to fit all the awesomeness there is in the month? Ground Hog Day, Valentines Day, MLK Day, President's Day, Black History Month, Dental Health Month, and  Chinese New Year plus Hundreds Day always comes in February. Who decided to only give this great month 28 days? I'm starting a petition to add an extra week in February. We all want a longer winter anyway. Right? 
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And now for a joke...What goes clink, clank, clink, crash?   A robot laughing his head off! Get it? I told that joke to my Owlets and they thought it was pretty funny. When I was a kid I told a similar joke quite a bit...What goes ha-ha-ha plop? A man laughing his head off! Get it? 
I love you a-bot! Get it?!

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Here are some of my favorites!
This year was my Third Annual President's Parade and Luncheon. Each student researches a different president and makes a poster about him/her(someday there will be a her). This year I invited participants from the last two years to participate if they wanted to. Several of them decided to be first ladies instead! We marched through the halls to the sounds of John Philip Sousa's President Garfield's Inauguration March. Candy was thrown and streamers were waved!
Some how we ended up with two Tafts! Only one was stuck in the tub!

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Speaking of Taft....Have you seen this book?! My students love Taft because he was the um the um largest president of anything including the United States of America. Chris Van Dusen's illustrations are always a win with me. For that matter, Mac Barnett hasn't written a book I didn't like either. I'll keep reading everything he writes to make sure he keeps up the good work! 

I should warn you that one of the reviewers said it wasn't appropriate for the classroom because of all of the pictures in the tub. Apparently Taft bathed without clothes on...gasp! That is why I think it is especially engaging! Kids love this kind of humor!!

It's never too late early to link up with Five for Friday!


  1. Jenny,
    You are the funniest lady around! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your posts!
    Hugs and warm thoughts heading your way!

  2. Your march through the hall had to have been quite fun!

  3. I'm envious of your very clean house:)
    Your robots look awesome, too.

    Grade ONEderful
    Barbara Leyne Designs


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