Saturday, February 7, 2015

100 Eyed Monster!

Have you made it to 100s Day? Snow Days have certainly put many of us behind on our celebration! Last year we had way too many Snow Days, but this year we've had just the right amount...two! You won't hear me complain if we happen to get one more. Three is just such a perfect number!
I wish our tee-pee had held all 100 balloons! Alas, I was only able to squeeze in 80 !
I numbered each balloon from 1 to 100 on random colors. We used markers to fill in our 100 chart by matching the color of the balloon to its number. It really helped kids see patterns and relationships between numbers. Some of my Owlets would start at the beginning of the chart and count all the way up to the right number every time. Others figured out quickly that they could use the chart to see ten more or start at a number close to the one they were looking for and count on. I wasn't sure I'd ever want to blow up and tie one hundred balloons again, but I would definitely repeat this activity. Next year I think we'll do it for the 50th day of school!!

Have you seen those cute T-shirts with monsters with 100 eyes? Kids are wearing them to school all over the place. I wish I'd had time to make one for myself. I did have time to be inspired by them! Here is my 100 eyed monster!

Of course I had my own little "monsters" help me finish this guy up. When they arrived at school there was only one eye! I wrote a poem to go along with the Put-an-Eye-on-the-Monster activity and we traveled around the school to read it to our friends.(friends:  preschoolers, and kindergartners!) HERE is a copy of the poem to use for your own celebration. I'd love to see your 100 eyed monster too!


  1. 100 balloons! What a fun teacher you are. Don't know if I could have the determination to pull that off. :)

  2. I love that monster, Jenny. I just pinned it.
    Our 100th day is still a ways off cause we were still striking the first couple of weeks in September...or was it three weeks? Can't even remember now:)
    Grade ONEderful


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