Sunday, November 9, 2014

ChatterPix! App Review

I made a concentrated effort this week to grab lots of pictures of my Owlets! Yet, I still ended up with a lot more pictures of my kitty! My daughter and I celebrated our little girl's adoption day. Before she came to live with us she was kept in a cage for two months. Now she is free range. She is frequently spotted on the dinning room table by my Cranky Bear to which I always respond, "I'm sure she's not on the table. I trained her to stay off!" She just thinks she's a decoration!

My favorite app this week is ChatterPix. My kiddos love this app, too! I have all kinds of plans for this including having students making book characters introduce themselves to the class. I've had way too much fun with this late into the night. If you get this FREE app be warned: you will get silly!
Want to take a peek? I narrowed down three videos to share with you. 
This video was made by a child with Selective Mutism! What a great resource for her!

This collection of 50 pennies was part of our Fifty's Day celebration!

Field-trip to my house to rake leaves and make caramel apples! We had a blast!
I know you are wishing I had added more pictures of my kitty. Follow me on Instagram and you'll see a ton more!! I'm OwlThingsFirst on Instagram too!


  1. Alright! I'm downloading that app as we "speak".
    Thank you for sharing it!
    And such a cute kitty:)


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